Embrace cash courtesy


Embrace cash courtesy
When you hand the notes to the cashier, make sure you hold the notes horizontally between your thumb and forefinger.

Give and receive money in Japan like a pro!


Farhana Chowdhury

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Published: Mon 21 Oct 2019, 3:05 PM

Last updated: Mon 21 Oct 2019, 5:13 PM

Discipline is highly revered in Japan, a land where every action is a meaningful gesture complemented by the embodiment of respect. This applies in all aspects of life, including transactions that involve money. 
Handling cash is no simple feat; the act of giving an amount and receiving it is given due diligence, so here's what you need to note to appreciate this charming culture and truly experience Japan as a local: 
1. Queue up
Get in line, no matter how eager you are to make your purchase and move on to the next activity in your itinerary. Japan is a fast-paced country, which is why their queues naturally move fast. Simply look down to markers on the floor that will direct you to dedicated counters for various needs, such as special tax-free purchases or credit card payments. Proceed to the counter once it's your turn.
2. Prep that cash
Ideally before entering a line, prepare the amount you need to pay the cashier. Fumbling with cash is frowned upon, and you're only causing yourself stress by looking for the right notes and coins at the last minute. Simply add up the items you intend to purchase and keep those yen ready. Consider the 10 per cent tax with the total amount. Depending on the brand or store, you will be eligible for tax returns as a tourist. 
3. Use the tray
As you approach the counter, you'll notice a tray with either soft rubbery spikes on the surface or a simple smooth base. This handy little object is designed to help customers and cashier present payments and receive change. When paying, just place the amount on the tray and wait for the cashier to take it. The surface additionally helps both pick-up coins easily.
4. Extend courtesy
If you're handing money to someone in a place that has no cash tray, hold the notes horizontally between your thumb and forefinger with both hands (thumbs on top), then extend it to the receiver. The same goes when exchanging business cards. If using one hand, then hold the card in your right hand and extend it to the receiver, while lightly touching your right elbow with your left hand. This is a sign of courtesy and respect.
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