Video: Skydive stunt goes horribly wrong, plane catches fire in resurfaced viral clip

Wisconsin - The old footage has amassed nearly 4 million views in the past three days

By Web Report

Published: Fri 24 Sep 2021, 2:37 PM

A 2013 video of two skydiving planes colliding in mid-air has resurfaced on Twitter, amassing nearly 4 million views since it was posted three days ago.

The footage shows the moment when the two planes collided, forcing its pilots and passengers to jump to safety.

Fortunately, all nine passengers and the two pilots survived the collision and sustained only minor injuries. The crash happened in November 2013 near Lake Superior, Wisconsin.

The two planes were flying close by as skydivers prepared to jump in formation, according to NDTV. But right before the skydivers in the lead plane were about to jump, the pilot heard a loud bang and his windshield shattered.

The plane caught fire and broke mid-air, but the skydivers and the pilot managed to parachute to safety. The lead plane hurtled to the ground, while the trailing plane made its way back to the runway.

Almost eight years later, footage from the collision is going viral.

Responding to the video, one person commented: "I can't even believe what I just saw!"

"This was so crazy scary. I had to look up the story, shocked to hear everyone survived," another wrote.

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