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Video: Man dressed in burqa robs bank in broad daylight with toy gun

Video: Man dressed in burqa robs bank in broad daylight with toy gun

Kuwait - The man, identified as an expat, has been arrested; bank confirms incident.

By Web Report

Published: Tue 25 Sep 2018, 2:51 PM

Kuwait has arrested a man for robbing a bank in broad daylight - wearing a burqa.
The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior announced on Saturday that the man accused of armed robbery in a bank in Kuwait's Hawalli Governorate was arrested.
The suspect was caught on camera entering the bank wearing burqa and threatening the bank tellers at Gulf Bank to hand over the money - using a toy gun, local media reported.
The man has been identified as an expat.
He confessed to the robbery during interrogation, the ministry added.
Part of the looted money was seized from him, while the case was referred to authorities for further legal procedures.

According to Al Anbaa, the accused person - a Jordanian - undertook a month-long recce of the bank before carrying out the crime.
He chose an appropriate time to strike at the bank. To conceal his identity, he bought a burqa, hand bag and a toy gun for three dinars.
The accused said he knew that bank tellers have instructions not to resist in case of robberies. During the heist, he told the bank staff that three snipers were waiting outside to shoot anyone who follows him or dares to react.
The accused apparently executed the robbery to pay for the rent of his accommodation.
Gulf Bank in Kuwait confirmed the incident on Twitter, saying that the robbery took place at one of its branches. No injuries were reported.

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