Two Bahraini rioters injured
in clashes

MANAMA — Two out of 12 Bahrainis detained on Friday on rioting charges were injured during clashes with security forces, according to security officials. One of them has been admitted to hospital.

The deputy chief of public security in his daily announcement about violence stated that 25 arson attacks where reported on Thursday.

Empty glass bottles ready to be used as Molotov cocktail, 34 tyres and seven water tanks were seized in one village, he said.

The 12 suspects were charged with setting on fire tyres, trash bins, empty water tanks and private properties, in addition to hurling Molotov cocktails to endanger the lives and affect the interests of the public.

According to Kuwait-based newspaper Al Qabas, the new intensified measures taken by the Bahrain government to deal with violence came after the discovery of active cells in Bahrain and sleeping cells in neighbouring countries to promote violence in case of any military action against Iran over its nuclear programme.

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