G20 Summit: Former Indian PM Manmohan Singh says country plays 'pivotal role' in steering new world order

Singh urged the G20 to set aside security differences and keep its focus on policy coordination


Nithin Belle

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Photo: PTI
Photo: PTI

Published: Sat 9 Sep 2023, 11:23 AM

Former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who has been invited to the G20 Summit dinner in New Delhi on Saturday, along with former premier HD Deve Gowda, asserted that India has a key role in steering the new world order.

Singh told an Indian newspaper that India has “a pivotal role to play in steering” the new world order. “As a peaceful and large democracy with Constitutional values built since Independence, and a large growing economy, India commands immense respect globally,” he added.

Asked about India’s stand on the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, Singh said India has done the right thing “in putting our sovereign and economic interests first while also appealing for peace. The G20 was never envisaged as the forum for settling security-related conflicts. It is important for the G20 to set aside security differences and keep its focus on policy coordination to tackle the challenges of climate, inequality and confidence in global trade.”

Referring to the ongoing tensions with China and the decision of its president to avoid the G20 Summit in Delhi, Singh remarked: “It is not right for me to offer advice to the Prime Minister on how to handle complex diplomatic matters. It is unfortunate that the Chinese President Xi Jinping has chosen not to attend the G20 summit. I hope and believe the Prime Minister will take all steps necessary to protect India’s territorial and sovereign integrity and defuse bilateral tensions.”

Summarising his views on the future challenges facing the country, Singh was diplomatic. “I am more optimistic about India’s future than worried,” he said. “However, my optimism is contingent on India being a harmonious society, which is the bedrock for all progress and development. India’s innate instinct is to welcome and celebrate diversity which must be preserved.”


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