Weekend review

Weekend review

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As an adult in her 40’s, the article In search of Superheroes (Feb 15) made for nostalgic and amusing reading. I too grew up on the staple of Superman, Spider-man, Phantom — the works. As children, we held our breath as our 
superheroes (usually dressed bizarrely) made short shrift 
of the villains. At last, there was someone to ‘show the bad guys’ where they stood, never mind the unnecessary bloodshed involved.

Today, however, I feel differently. The real superheroes and heroines fall into the fourth category — that of people without superhuman powers (or outfits) who put aside their egos and do something spectacular for humankind — those who selflessly work for the underprivileged of society; scientists and doctors who work hard to save lives; men and women who strive to make their almost-broken marriages work for the sake of their children… the list is endless. But these are the unsung superheroes and heroines I’d like our children to know. I’d like them to understand that one does not need 
superhuman powers to be a superhero, but with a basic love for humankind, the rest would fall in place.

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I have a friend in Pakistan whose life became miserable due to an affair that his wife was alleged to have had 25 years ago. A distant relative had told him — 25 years back — that she saw his wife with somebody in the cotton fields. There were no further details but since that day, my friend changed his attitude towards his wife. She was forced to spend two consecutive years at her mother’s and my friend wanted a divorce. It was only because of 
family pressure and the patient conduct of his wife that the marriage 
carried on, in one way or the other. His parents welcomed her back, causing my angry friend to leave their home and live alone. He knew well that he cherished his wife but could not live with her as the allegation levelled against her was serious.

After reading After The Affair (Feb 15), I presented the example of the anonymous woman of the article to my friend: how she had evidence, a confession, and though was broken to a level seemingly unmendable, she decided to make things work and is now leading a life full of happiness. I told my friend he had no proof supporting the allegations against his wife. On the contrary, her attitude in the last 25 years has been excellent. I urged him to take the example of the woman from the article and forgive his wife. My friend wept bitterly; a few hours later, I got a call from bhabhi (my friend’s wife) who could only cry and say, “Thank you, Shahid bhai.” Thank you, wknd.

-Abdul Latif Shahid, Pakistan

Inspired by love

The article Be Mine, Valentine (Feb 15) exuded such a feel-good vibe with its fresh portrayal of Valentine’s Day. I couldn’t help but feel the warmth spread through me as I imagined the innocent happiness of a child anticipating and celebrating a day that 
embodies love in all its purity.

Though Valentine’s Day is synonymous with a more romantic sort of love all over the world, I always cherish the moments I spend with my 
parents on this day. Simple things like dinners and long walks, hugs and 
unconditional support when required, are sometimes all that are needed... The kind of love my parents share after 25 years of marriage will always be a source of inspiration for me, letting me know that if you have people like that in your life, everyday turns out be as special as Valentine’s Day.

-Dr Nikita Carvalho, Dubai


It is not only at restaurants that we discover that the dishes we really wish to savour are not available (Sorry, Sir, But Anything Else?, Feb 15). While we are led to believe that today’s generation has limitless choices, that is just a mirage. The brightest students don’t always get into the best universities. The best graduates don’t always land the choicest jobs. It still pays to shoot for the stars though. So if you don’t manage to taste that choice dish on your first attempt, don’t give up — you might get to relish it someday, even if you have to visit Dubai to do so.

-M Rasheed, Chennai

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