Personal assistant apps

Personal assistant apps

Snap your fingers. Did no one answer the call? That's okay. Personal assistants come in the form of apps these days - and there are some fantastic ones that will get the job done for you. From simple delivery errands to securing tickets to sold-out shows, these digital saviours have you sorted

By Compiled by Karen Ann Monsy

Published: Thu 1 Dec 2016, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Fri 2 Dec 2016, 1:00 AM

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This personal concierge service is all you need to get that last-minute restaurant reservation, tickets to the hottest opera show in town or access to a range of bespoke services. With 60 branches across the world, membership is limited to 5,000 members per office in order to ensure quality of service. From the extravagant to the downright crazy, these guys are all about connecting you with the best that life has to offer.

You need to deliver products to your clients, but you're dreading the traffic. Or you're at work, and only just remembered to pick up your wife's birthday present. Dubai-based app Carry promises to facilitate all your delivery needs with a simple digital interface and same-hour collection! Conducting all business only over chat, users can send pictures of what needs to be picked up/delivered, while using a real-time system to track their package around the city.

We'd all like a Jarvis in our lives, wouldn't we? Doffing their caps to Tony Stark's excellent AI assistant are the creators of this interactive experience app. Create customised alarms to wake you up in the morning, get weather forecasts, be reminded about appointments and more. The app is nowhere close to the original Jarvis, of course, but has already found popularity with Iron Man fans - so, its developers are hoping to up their offerings real soon.

Manage and unify your to-do lists with your personal accounts, thanks to this award-winning personal assistant app that gives you a heads-up about everything you need to do. With the tap of a button, it allows you to stay on top of bill payments, special events, social networks and more. All so you have more time on your hands for the things that really matter.

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