How to style glitter and sequins for your wardrobe

How to style glitter and sequins for your wardrobe
Shahreen Zahid is a UAE-based blogger

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Published: Fri 6 Sep 2019, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Sat 7 Sep 2019, 9:16 AM

Sequins and glitter never go out of fashion; they're a trend that's stuck on repeat. For a lot of us, wearing glittery pieces during the day does not come easy, but here's how you can style it if you are new to the world of shine.

You can start by pairing a sequined skirt with a sweater or a T-shirt. A look that's becoming popular these days is wearing a zip-up jacket with sequined sleeves popping out from underneath. Another point to note is to wear looser sparkling outfits instead of form-fitting pieces, even if it means opting for a size up. It will look much more flattering for a day look. Yet another favourite of mine is incorporating sparkling and glittery footwear to jazz up very simple pieces for work, the weekend or for even a girls' night out. Sparkling shoes instantly make everything much more fun and chic.

When it comes to evening outfits, it's time to shine bright. A high neckline and simple accessories are the best options when it comes to short sequined dresses to keep things elegant. If an all-sequin dress is just not your style, you can always opt for a stylish sequined jacket over a simple dress. Alterntively, you can always wear a simple dress and accessorise it with a glittering belt to emphasise your curves or a sparkling necklace with metallic heels or a clutch. Big, glittering earrings are another great way to add sparkle to your look.

In conclusion, never be afraid to rock a sequin or glittering dress, no matter your age or size because you can sparkle all the time.
- Shahreen Zahid
Is a digital content creator and influencer. Follow her for all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle on Instagram @shazyzahid

Glitter is one of 2019's biggest trends and I simply love it. However, there are some points to consider when styling sparkling outfits and accessories. The key is to not overdo it. I personally like to mix and match according to occasion, time and mood.

When it comes to a sophisticated evening look, I prefer full-length sparkling gowns. When styling such outfits, it's a good idea to keep accessories to a minimum with light makeup and muted lip colours. Pairing it with plain, sleek shoes and bags allows the dress to do all the work. If I want to add shine to a classic outfit, I go for a simple plain chiffon/lace gown or jumpsuit and pair it with glittering high heels and/or a statement jewellery piece with a sparkling clutch.

Glittery sneakers are such a fun trend these days and they look amazing with pants and dresses alike. My personal favourite is pairing golden glittering sneakers with a black- on-black outfit. I'd usually add a shiny gold sling bag to complete the look. It's my favourite casual evening look. Speaking of trends, crystallised barrettes are also quite in these days and look so cute. You can definitely add some sparkle to your plain outfit by pairing them with glittery barrettes! A sequined belt is another great accessory to add spice to a plain outfit.

When it comes to work outfits, you have to mix and match more sensibly as you don't want to overdo it. For a professional yet elegant look, you can wear a matte sequined top underneath a plain black blazer. You can also incorporate sparkle to your office look with jewellery or nail polish. Another way of cautiously adding sparkle to your officewear is by choosing tops with sequined necklines or collars. 

- Syeda Maham Riaz 
Is a chartered accountant and the blogger behind You can follow her on Instagram @syedamahamriaz

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