Gadget Review: Lenovo's Yoga C930

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Gadget Review: Lenovos Yoga C930

Published: Fri 13 Sep 2019, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Wed 25 Sep 2019, 6:33 PM

It's been a year since we last had a Lenovo gizmo here. This week, fittingly, we review its numerical successor - the Lenovo Yoga C930, which is another of the 2-in-1 laptops the company's known for.
The 13.9-inch machine is really flexible because, despite the 2-in-1 tag, it's more than that. Since you can swing it all the way to 360 degrees, you can use it in tent and stand modes, aside from the standard laptop and tablet modes. The chassis is great and the bezels are fairly thin (except for the top; understandable, since there's a webcam there).
On the sides, there isn't much to see: two USB-C Thunderbolt-3 ports, a USB-A slot and a 3.5mm audio jack, all on the left; nothing except for the power button on the opposite end. This is a hit-or-miss: while those Thunderbolts provide the whole package for output and charging, there may be times you'll need a card reader on the fly. And as for HDMI, there is an adaptor included. At least there are two Thunderbolts.
Performance-wise, the Yoga C930 was game for everything; no noticeable lags and good multitasking abilities. But when the real 'game' comes - and by that, we mean gaming - it kinda stutters at times, especially when you go online. Heating up isn't necessarily an issue, but you'll feel the throttle once things, well, heat up.
In our standard test, the Yoga C930 used up 14 per cent of life on its best setting; that went down to 9 per cent on normal mode, which is decent. Lenovo promises up to 14.5 hours of juice, and it didn't disappoint as I was able to make it through an entire day - albeit barely, since I was watching more videos than usual.
And how can we forget the Yoga C930's little weapon: a stylus. The Garage Pen, as it is called, is neatly tucked behind the location of the power button. Doodle around, navigate through stuff and take notes that the laptop will be able to detect and convert to text. If you're feeling lazy, you can search a web browser by just scribbling it down on the bar provided. Be careful with your penmanship, since it's not exactly perfect: it can mistake some characters for others and you'll end up using the keyboard to be sure.
A well-rounded 2-in-1, the Lenovo Yoga C930 continues the company's offerings of flexible devices that won't compromise on performance. However, prepare to pay the price (literally) if you want higher specs. The stylus is a nice addition, but unless you're an artist, you may not have much need for it. And that 'rotating' audio system will make sure you won't miss a beat. Worth a look - if you're willing to spend for it.
Up to quad-core 8th-gen Intel Core i7
Graphics Intel HD Graphics HD
Platform Windows 10 Home
Storage 256/512GB/1TB SS
Memory 8/12/16GB
Display 13.9" FHD/UHD 3840 x 2160/1920 x 1080 IPS touch with Dolby Vision
Audio Rotating sound bar with Dolby Atmos
Battery Up to 14.5h (FHD)/9h (UHD)
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1,
I/O USB-C Thunderbolt-3 (2), USB-A, 3.5mm audio
Dimensions 322 x 227 x 14.5mm (thinnest); 1.38kg
Price Starting at Dh4,399
Sleek design; fast performance; good
battery life
Cons No card slot; will lag in hardcore gaming; costs more for spec boosts
Author's rating 3.5/5

By Alvin R. Cabral

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