Dr Reem Osman, CEO of Saudi German Hospital

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Dr Reem Osman, CEO of Saudi German Hospital

Published: Fri 17 Jun 2016, 5:16 PM

How do you typically start your day?
Every morning starts with greeting my children and making sure they are up and ready for school.

Describe your work in a sentence.
My work is my passion - it combines everything that I love to do.

What is your #1 personal principle/success mantra at work?
I have always believed that the key to being successful is about communication, communication, communication.

In your workday, what is the one thing you cannot do without?
I cannot have a day without having a morning steering committee meeting - it is an absolute must.

Your favourite indulgence when you need a break from work?
I love watching cartoons with my daughters. It refreshes and relaxes me.

What is your favourite place to go to for a business dinner?
Dubai has many beautiful places for business meals - it is too hard to pick just one.

What is your greatest dream, professionally?
I want to expand Saudi German Hospital according to our UAE expansion plans. But at the same time, I want to ensure that all our patients - and our staff - are healthy, happy and satisfied.

What is the last thing you (usually) do before you go to sleep?
I end my day by reading one page of the Quran on a daily basis.
- Staff reporter

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