Yoga Day: World's focus was on UAE, says Indian envoy

Thousands gather at Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium to mark Abu Dhabi's largest-ever session

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KT photo/Rahl Gajjar
KT photo/Rahl Gajjar

Ashwani Kumar

Published: Tue 21 Jun 2022, 10:55 PM

It was a sight to behold as thousands of community members filled the Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium to mark the UAE Capital’s largest-ever International Yoga Day session.

‘Yoga for Humanity’, the theme of this year’s Yoga Day, was on display in its full glory. More than 1,000 school students, a majority of which came from Abu Dhabi Indian School, and diverse nationalities and from cross-section of the society of all ages did various yoga postures in unison, spreading the message of peace and harmony.

Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence, was delighted to see a packed ground of yoga enthusiasts and noted that he felt inspired by the positive energy.

“I see in each of you a desire to make the world a better and more humane place for all. I am inspired to be in your presence and support you in your desire to promote peace, harmony and happiness in our world. Thank you for demonstrating the power of yoga to empower us as individuals and as part of a global community. You come from different nationalities, cultures, religions and ethnicities. You are a microcosm of the UAE’s amazingly diverse population,” the minister said in his address.

“You bridge many cultural gaps. You discover your common humanity while at the same time better understanding the identity and differences of human beings. This fits well with this year’s theme: Yoga for Humanity’.”

He urged community members to dedicate themselves to work as “one human family”.

“Let us see that there is more to bind us together than separate us, and that our similarities are far greater than our differences,” Sheikh Nahyan said.

Sunjay Sudhir, Indian Ambassador to the UAE, underlined that the world’s eyes were on the UAE as the country actively took part in the global ‘Guardian Ring’ – a programme that saw different events being held across the world with the movement of the Sun, underlining the concept of ‘One Sun, One Earth’.

“International Yoga Day celebrations are happening across the globe. As the sun rises in the east and sets in the west by forming some kind of a guardian ring. This morning at 7.30 am, the world’s focus was on the UAE, and Abu Dhabi in particular. And Indian TV channels broadcast live our celebrations at the Louvre Abu Dhabi,” he said while referring to the ‘Yoga Under the Dome’ session organised by the museum and the Indian Embassy. In Dubai, a session was held with the Museum of the Future in the backdrop.

During the morning event in Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Nahyan greeted the world with a heartfelt ‘namaste’, a traditional Indian way of greeting.

“It is gratifying to know that those of us celebrating this eighth International Yoga Day are connected with each other around the world. I would like to share a heartfelt ‘namaste’ to all of you. That one word of greetings and good wishes speaks volumes on this day,” Sheikh Nahyan said in a video message.

Both Sheikh Nahyan and the ambassador said that the event served as a platform to celebrate and deepen the friendship and understanding between the two countries. “I thank the great nation of India for giving us yoga and the International Yoga Day. It is my hope that we can continue to elevate the already excellent relationship between India and the UAE as we strive together to achieve peace in our world,” the minister added.

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