Woman on trial for insulting ex-husband's wife in UAE

Fujairah, ex-wife, ex-husband, daughter in hospital

Fujairah - The second wife did not allow the former wife to touch her daughter's hand in hospital.

Published: Tue 3 Sep 2019, 1:54 PM

Last updated: Wed 4 Sep 2019, 6:44 PM

An Arab woman has stood trial at the Fujairah Misdemeanour Court for insulting the second wife of her former husband.

Court records show that the defendant lost custody of her children, so they moved to their father's house, where his second wife was staying.

The incident reportedly took place when the woman's daughter fell sick and was admitted to a hospital.

The defendant went to the hospital to check on her, but she allegedly lost her cool when the second wife stopped her from touching her daughter's hand.

Fuming over the complainant's action, the woman told her, "May you lose someone dear to you as you deprive me of my kids."

The wife was offended and considered the statement an insult, so she filed a complaint at the Fujairah Police.

The defendant told the court that she was struggling through tough circumstances.

"The sickness of my daughter and the second wife's irritating attitude made me angry," she said, noting that she also has a mental health condition.


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