Watch: Filipino expat cries as he is reunited with his mother in Dubai

She was flown into the emirate from the Philippines for the first time to meet her son, whom she had not seen in four years

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Supplied photo

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Published: Thu 15 Sep 2022, 2:48 PM

Last updated: Thu 15 Sep 2022, 10:34 PM

A Filipino expat had his wish granted when he was reunited with his mother after four years apart.

"I'm so happy," said Cris Gudia, an expat who has lived in Dubai for seven years, in a touching video documenting the reunion. "I can't wait for the moment I see my mom."

City Centre Deira mall in Dubai has earlier launched a campaign called 'Closer than Ever' to help people who could not travel to their home countries during the summer send e-cards to their loved ones. Cris was one of 1,500 people who participated - and the only one who won this lovely surprise.

Cris's mother was flown to Dubai as a part of the campaign. "It's been my dream to come here," she said, beaming and holding flowers in the car on the way to see her son.

"I really really appreciate the effort and this gift," said Cris, before embracing his mother.


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