Umbrellas for rent in Dubai: New solution for summer heat to reduce temperature by up to 6°C

Residents would be able use these free of cost for 24 hours


SM Ayaz Zakir

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Published: Thu 19 Oct 2023, 6:00 AM

Last updated: Thu 19 Oct 2023, 10:50 PM

A Canadian company is all set to unveil a solution that will much-needed respite from the blazing summer sun.

The solution involves specially-designed umbrellas placed in public locations across the city. Residents would be able use these free of cost for a certain duration of time, to keep themselves cooler in the scorching heat.

UmbraCity, an umbrella rental company, is set to launch its model starting with Dubai in the Middle East. “We are in talks with the authorities here to launch the service, which will be a game changer in the battle against heat,” said Amir Entezari, founder of UmbraCity.

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“The idea came up when I heard from friends in Dubai that the rental umbrellas could be a great way to stay cool in Dubai. They said that Dubai is a perfect place to start this because the authorities in the city are improving walkways and mobility which makes it a good market,” said Amir.

Amir also mentioned that people are often seen shading themselves with a newspaper or a jacket, and “here our umbrellas will come to their rescue.”

In Canada, umbrella kiosks are placed in offices, malls, and transit stations for the public to use during summer and rain.

Sustainable and cool

The umbrellas are special – they are made from recycled and sustainable materials, making them good for the environment. “These custom-built umbrellas are designed to reduce temperatures and offer UV protection,” said Amir, adding that the temperature will decrease up to 6 degrees under it.

When the umbrellas get old, they don't go to waste. “We recycle and upcycle them, turning the fabric into useful things like grocery bags."

The umbrellas are technologically advanced and are equipped with a smart chip. The chip will help to unlock the umbrella at the kiosk and track the duration of the usage and the user details that are linked to an app.

How to rent?

Users can register for an account at a kiosk or through the app. Once registered, users can access an umbrella through the app or kiosk. “The first 24 hours are free, but after that, there's a small fee,” said Amir.

A credit card or a debit card is saved in the app wallet to deduct the amount if the umbrellas aren’t returned for the set time.


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