Look: Smart cars to monitor road conditions, street lights in Abu Dhabi

The inspection vehicles are not made to catch overspeeding vehicles or cars that are illegally parked


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Photos: M Sajjad/KT
Photos: M Sajjad/KT

Published: Wed 18 Oct 2023, 7:24 PM

Last updated: Thu 19 Oct 2023, 7:27 AM

Abu Dhabi Municipality will deploy over a dozen AI (artificial interlligence)-powered inspection vehicles across the Capital next week for environmental monitoring activities and to ensure that all road assets, including street lamps, are working properly.

The announcement was made at the ongoing Gitex Global in Dubai on Wednesday. Mousa AlMansoori, an inspector at Abu Dhabi Municipality, told Khaleej Times, a total of 14 electric-powered smart inspection vehicles will be rolled out in the initial phase.

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Mousa AlMansoori, inspector at Abu Dhabi Municipality.
Mousa AlMansoori, inspector at Abu Dhabi Municipality.

The project will make monitoring processes easier for authorities as all data will be gathered, evaluated and stored automatically.

“Each vehicle is equipped with six smart cameras to have a 360-degree view of the streets. The cameras will record, for example, the condition of the road and see if there are no potholes. They will also look at the condition of street lights and check if garbage bins are properly stored or if there are no trash on the streets. Any unsightly objects will be recorded and reported to proper departments,” AlMansoori explained.

“The smart system will provide a comprehensive summary of all road inspections,” he added.

Not for catching overspeeding cars

AlMansoori also clarified the smart inspection vehicles are only designed to monitor the upkeep and beautification of Abu Dhabi streets and are not made to catch overspeeding vehicles or cars that are illegally parked.

“The main objective of the project is to ensure adherence to environmental requirements and standards to enhance environmental sustainability in the Capital,” he reiterated.

Environmental protection

AlMansoori further explained the smart initiative is also aimed at saving time and human resources required for inspections. Only one human inspector is needed to drive the vehicle and everything will be covered by the smart cameras.

The smart project is expected to enhance the level of environmental protection in the Capital.


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