UAE: Woman wins legal battle against ex-husband who demanded she repay Dh2 million

Abu Dhabi - The man claimed he'd contributed the amount to purchase a building in her name.


Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Tue 18 May 2021, 10:28 AM

An Abu Dhabi-based woman has won a legal battle against her ex-husband, who was demanding that she repay Dh2 million he'd contributed to purchase a commercial building in her name.

The Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance had earlier ruled in favour of the complainant, her ex-husband, and ordered her to pay him Dh1m as well as legal expenses. However, the verdict was overturned by the Abu Dhabi Appeals Court.


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Court documents revealed that the ex-husband had claimed to have paid her 75 per cent of the sum, or Dh2 million, which was required to buy the commercial property.

He further demanded another Dh120,000 that she had allegedly borrowed from him to carry out maintenance work in another property that the defendant owns.

The complainant and the defendant were business partners while they were a married couple and had invested in properties to earn from the monthly rents.

The man alleged that the defendant never returned the money even after they ceased to be husband and wife.

The defendant had also been granted the custody of their children and was entitled to monthly alimony for her and their offsprings’ upkeep.

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