UAE supported over 17 million worldwide with Dh262m humanitarian aid, relief in 2019

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, UAE, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, helping, hand, humanitarian aid and relief

Dubai - Sheikh Hamdan stresses how the MBRGI is lending a helping hand to anyone in need in the world through numerous projects.

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Published: Thu 14 May 2020, 11:13 PM

Last updated: Sun 12 Jul 2020, 1:12 AM

The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI) has announced that its humanitarian aid and relief projects and programmes benefited over 17 million people across the world with a total expenditure of Dh262 million in 2019.
His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Chairman of Dubai Executive Council and Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of MBRGI, said the Foundation is devoted to expanding the scope of humanitarian aid and relief to reach the largest number of beneficiaries.
He said: "The Foundation stems from a human-centric approach that strives to improve lives, foster the culture of hope, transform challenges into opportunities and invest in the human capital as a nation's most precious resource. The UAE was established on the humanitarian principle of lending a helping hand to anyone in need across the world."
Sheikh Hamdan added: "Making a difference in one person's life can lead to a better future for an entire society. The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives has succeeded in transforming humanitarian work into an integrated system of giving that provides efficient and swift response to empower communities, therefore strengthening the UAE's position on the global humanitarian aid map.
"Our mission of creating hope continues and our journey of giving persists as long as there's need in the world. Through our humanitarian work, we aim to improve lives in every corner of earth."
The MBRGI oversees more than 30 initiatives and entities that carry out hundreds of programmes, projects and campaigns in the five pillars of Humanitarian Aid and Relief, Healthcare and Disease Control, Spreading Education and Knowledge, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Empowering Communities.
As part of the Humanitarian Aid and Relief pillar, the MBRGI devotes its efforts to improving lives across the world and alleviating suffering to create stable, cohesive societies capable of overcoming economic, social and political challenges.
The six MBRGI entities that carry out projects and programmes in the Humanitarian Aid and Relief pillar are the International Humanitarian City (IHC); the UAE Food Bank; the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity Establishment (MBRCH); the UAE Water Aid Foundation (Suqia); and the Mohammed bin Rashid Global Center for Endowment Consultancy.
An integrated social system
Ibrahim Mohammed Bu Melha, Advisor of the Ruler of Dubai for Cultural and Humanitarian Affairs and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of MBRCH, said the establishment has become one of the highly active organisations to transformed occasional humanitarian aid into a year-long system of work. "We are focused on developing sustainable programmes and projects transcend time-bound urgent aid to an integrated social support system."
He noted that the establishment implements dozens of projects, programmes and initiatives under the umbrella of MBRGI and in collaboration with regional and global institutions.
The active work has helped reach millions across the globe effectively. He added that MBRGI's humanitarian projects are committed to providing the required resources to enable vulnerable communities to lead decent lives and lift them out of poverty.
Clean-water projects
Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the UAE Water Aid Foundation (Suqia), said under the umbrella of MBRGI, Suqia continues its efforts to provide clean water for communities suffering from water scarcity and pollution.
Since its inception, Suqia has completed more than 1,000 sustainable water projects around the world that touched the lives of over 13 million people across 36 countries.
Al Tayer noted: "Massive efforts have been achieved due to the unlimited support and directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to find permanent solutions to water shortages and improve the difficult living conditions of poor communities that face water scarcity and pollution."
Al Tayer added that since 2019, Suqia has dug wells to provide clean drinking water and installed pumps, clean water distribution networks and purification stations.
He pointed that the UAE is one of the first countries in the region that gives priority to the water scarcity issue, constantly exploring innovative and sustainable solutions through supporting research and launching awards that encourage innovation.
Beating hunger
Dawoud Al Hajri, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of UAE Food Bank, said: "We aim to establish the UAE Food Bank as an integrated humanitarian system that involves all segments of the society to collect surplus food and distribute it to those in need across the country."
He added that the UAE Food Bank launched 93 initiatives and campaigns in 2019 to foster the culture of giving and provide everyone with the opportunity to get involved. The amount of food donated increased five-fold from the previous year to 13,488 tonnes.
"Through the UAE Food Bank, we ensure involving the largest number of entities and volunteers across the country to help curb food waste and foster solidarity towards improve lives of vulnerable communities in the country," Al Hajri said.
Humanitarian Aid and Relief Initiatives
In 2019, the MBRGI's humanitarian aid and relief efforts touched all corners of the globe.
Besides providing time-bound humanitarian aid and relief, the Foundation collaborates with regional and international organisations to implement sustainable developmental projects that ensure sustainability and well-being.
Across the globe aid operations continued from the IHC to help communities reeling from natural disasters, crises or conflicts, spreading a message of love and peace in its wake.
In 2019, the IHC's member organisations carried out 1,070 shipments with more than Dh246 million worth of humanitarian relief to countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.
IHC supported the dispatch of an additional 13 shipments carrying over 1,000 tonnes of aid worth Dh18 million, which cost Dh4.5 million to transport.
As the world's largest humanitarian hub, the IHC plays a pivotal role in facilitating swift and efficient responses to emergencies and crises around the globe.
Home to 76 United Nations organisations, international non-governmental organisations, intergovernmental organisations, and commercial companies, IHC's strategic location in Dubai, which connects Europe and Asia, allows rapid relief and aid shipments to be within reach in all corners of the world through effective transport modes and logistics.
A Secure Environment for a Decent Life 
In 2019, the MBRCH's various projects and initiatives touched the lives of approximately 2.6 million people as part of its commitment to supporting disadvantaged communities in the UAE and abroad, and alleviating the suffering of those stricken by crises, conflicts and natural disasters.
The Establishment spearheaded a number of international programmes in 2019, constructing integrated compounds that provided secure housing, schools and wells for more than 122,000 people across eight countries, including Benin, Tajikistan, Senegal, Uganda and Nigeria.
The MBRCH also built and renovated several schools in Pakistan, Tajikistan, Benin and Chad to ensure the continuity of education for 11,400 students.
As part of its 'Ready for School' initiative for the 2018/2019 academic year, the Establishment distributed school supplies, books, uniforms and stationery to 30,000 students in 13 countries, including Brazil, Egypt, Mali, Ghana, Lebanon and the Philippines.
In collaboration with the UAE Water Aid Foundation (Suqia), the MBRCH provided clean drinking water to several communities in remote areas of the world. The field projects included drilling dozens of wells and developing crucial water supply and purification infrastructure, benefiting 544,000 people in 19 countries.
Locally, the MRBCH offered financial assistance to low-income families struggling to pay their rent, utility bills and school fees, and supported orphans in 2019.
The Establishment also enabled cancer and kidney disease patients to access quality treatment and sponsored life-saving heart surgeries for the elderly.
The financial and medical assistance reached 45,000 people, while several construction projects to serve local community groups benefited an additional 70,000 people.
Kindness and compassion during Ramadan 
During 2019, the MBRCH's spending on various Ramadan activities and initiatives totalled Dh18 million, honouring its annual commitment to meeting people's needs in the UAE and around the world.
Under its iftar campaign, the Establishment distributed essential food supplies to low-income individuals in 59 countries including Japan, Bulgaria and Ghana, besides supplying clean drinking water in 11 countries in partnership with Suqia, collectively benefiting 812,000 people.
During Eid Al Adha, sacrifice meat was distributed to 319,000 low-income families and individuals in 33 countries.
To promote social cohesion and solidarity in the UAE, the MBRCH also carried out several charity projects, including a zakat campaign that distributed a total of Dh42 million to 32,000 underprivileged families and individuals.
Another initiative supplied 12,500 iftar meals in local mosques and public places, while the 'Eid Al Adha Gift' programme provided Eid clothing and essentials to bring joy to disadvantaged families.
As part of its 'Ramadan Ration' initiative, the Establishment and its partnering humanitarian organisations distributed magnetic stripe cards to 43,000 beneficiaries in the UAE at a total cost of Dh4.3 million.
Providing clean water
Suqia's new and ongoing projects and initiatives in 2019 provided clean water to about 9 million people in the UAE and abroad.
It stood out with its innovative and sustainable initiatives that ensured access to safe drinking water for communities in remote areas around the world in line with its belief that clean drinking water is a fundamental human right.
The Foundation drilled wells, installed water pumps, developed water distribution and purification networks, and supported research to find innovative and sustainable solutions to address water scarcity.
Through its major global initiatives, Suqia intensified its efforts in drilling artesian and surface wells and installing the necessary pumps to provide clean drinking water to remote villages, primarily in Africa, Asia and South America, improving the lives of 173,000 people.
The Foundation's global projects involved drilling 122 wells in different rural areas across Bangladesh, including 67 surface wells to serve the Rohingya refugee camps in the country. It also built a water distribution network to support the inhabitants of 20 villages in the Kashmir region of Pakistan. In Chad, Suqia worked with the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation to supply clean drinking water to 2,500 refugees from Sudan, Central Africa and other neighbouring areas.
As part of its annual Ramadan campaigns, Suqia joined forces with 13 local and international humanitarian organisations to distribute more than 8.3 million water bottles to low-income individuals in Ramadan tents and families across the UAE in 2019. The Foundation expanded its Ramadan campaign in collaboration with UAE embassies abroad and the MBRCH to quench the thirst of people fasting in 12 countries including Uganda, Thailand, Tajikistan, the Philippines, Pakistan and Indonesia.
Together Against Food Waste
In 2019, the UAE Food Bank spearheaded 93 initiatives and campaigns to promote the value of giving and encourage the community to take part.
The amount of food donated to the Food Bank increased by more than five-fold from 2,646 tonnes in 2018 to 13,488 tonnes in 2019, reflecting the growing awareness around reducing food waste.
An essential part of MBRGI's Humanitarian Aid & Relief pillar, the UAE Food Bank constitutes an integrated humanitarian system that collects surplus food from restaurants, the hospitality sector, food establishments and farms before redistributing it to people in need in collaboration with a network of local, regional and international charity organisations.
Endowments in Service of Humanity
To achieve the Dubai Global Vision for Awqaf and Endowments, the Mohammed bin Rashid Global Centre for Endowment Consultancy, under the umbrella of MBRGI, provides free consultancy services to individuals and local, regional and international businesses.
The Centre aims to serve humanity through stimulating and empowering awqaf and endowments to respond to urgent social needs.
In 2019, nine institutions earned the 'Dubai Endowment Sign', which the Centre awards to public and private entities in recognition of their ongoing innovative endowment efforts that provide sustainable contributions to the community.
The Centre awarded the Roads & Transport Authority in Dubai for the world's first 'Endowment Taxi', proceeds of which will go towards local and global humanitarian initiatives undertaken by the affiliated Thuraya Fund, primarily in the field of education, with endowments exceeding Dh5.5 million.
The government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department was also awarded for its 'Legal Smart Platform', which offered 26,000 pro-bono legal consultations with the cooperation of several lawyers.
Innovative Endowment Funds
In 2019, the Mohammed bin Rashid Global Centre for Endowment Consultancy launched a series of innovative and specialised endowment funds to address the needs of specific social groups. The Centre's 'Youth Endowment Fund' assists young people in a variety of aspects, including marriage, employment, support for small and medium-sized enterprises and university scholarships. The Fund's services benefited around 100 young people in the UAE.
The 'Women and Children Endowment Fund' supported 300 women and children in the UAE in the fields of health, education, social care and culture. The 'Endowment Fund for the Disabled' supported and empowered 53 people of determination in the UAE by covering treatment costs and offering suitable job opportunities.
The Centre also launched an endowment fund to back academic research and studies in the fields of medicine, engineering and other sciences. It supported schools and educational centres and provided school supplies and transportation to 4,348 students locally and in Egypt, Tanzania and Thailand.

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