UAE armed forces put military might on show


UAE armed forces put military might on show
The Union Fortress military demonstration at Al Ain Airport. - KT photo by Ryan Lim

Abu Dhabi - The Union Fortress' third edition was a mighty display of modern military prowess and the soldiers' valour


Ismail Sebugwaawo

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Published: Sat 24 Feb 2018, 7:49 PM

Last updated: Sat 24 Feb 2018, 10:00 PM

The Al Ain International Airport was turned into a Hollywood movie-like scene recently, as the UAE Armed Forces demonstrated war-engagement skills, remarkable military power, rapid intervention and security operations to combat terror attackers, during a military show.
The third edition of the Union Fortress took place in Al Ain on Saturday, with thousands of visitors - mostly Emirati families, military and action-force enthusiasts - getting treated to impressive, captivating movie-style show.
Mock bomb blasts, gunfire and shooting from the modern artilleries, military tanks, fighter jets and helicopters were witnessed at the unique show, as the armed forces demonstrated how they fight the enemy on the battlefield.
Sounds of military artilleries, smoke, fire and sand dust covered the area as UAE's dedicated soldiers showed field experiences and their modern equipment to nationals and residents.
Union Fortress 3, open to the general public, involved several events including a military show that showcased different formations and units of the armed forces highlighting the harmony among them, in addition to carrying out field operations, such as live raids, showcasing the UAE Armed Forces' combat capabilities while performing internal security operations.
Also part of the show was a scene where a VIP convoy was attacked by terrorists and the guards had to handle the situation swiftly and safely. In the scene, a man was engaged after he threw a briefcase containing a bomb near a house where VIPs had just entered. A sniffer dog chased the man after detecting the bomb and stopped him, as soldiers followed to catch him. As a robotic tanker diffused the bomb, more attackers invaded the place and there was an exchange of gunfire between the soldiers and the terrorists, but the VIP convoy was taken away safely after the force killed the attackers.
In another scene, an aerial reconnaissance using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was demonstrated as well as the opening of a command post compromising multi-armed forces.
Valour on display
The aim of the mega-event, according to authorities, was to demonstrate the advanced capabilities of the valiant armed forces and the courage, dedication, skills and field experience of the soldiers. "These factors enabled the forces to be a protective shield for the UAE, protecting its accomplishments, promoting sustainable development, and preserving the union match in the face of the challenges and threats that plague the region and the world at large," according to authorities.
Union Fortress 3 also focuses on reflecting the advanced capabilities of the country's armed forces and the courage, dedication, skills and field experience of its soldiers.
An air show and a military band performed and entertained the visitors. Children, students, teachers and residents from Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and other emirates attended the event and watched the military field operations, giving them the opportunity to recognise the capabilities of the 'Protectors of the Union' closely.
"This is fantastic. We have a skillful army," said Mohammed Saeed, a 16-year-old Emirati boy. "I liked the tactical skills the soldiers demonstrated to engage the terrorists and rescue the VIP officials safely."
Another audience member, Aisha Zainab, said: "It's really a great show. I now know what our forces go through to defend our nation and we must all be proud of the servicemen."

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