Tips to ready your home for Eid Al Fitr

Tips to ready your home for Eid Al Fitr

DIY tips on sorting the clutter, and maintaining a neat and tidy home

By Staff Reporter

Published: Mon 13 Jul 2015, 2:28 PM

Last updated: Tue 14 Jul 2015, 11:53 AM

>Sort through old clothes, books, trinkets and other knick-knacks and decide what to keep, and what you've outgrown. Before you consider discarding them, check to see if any of the kids in your family, or if your neighbors would like anything and pass it on to them. Another option, which is in keeping with the sentiment of charity this Holy Month, is to leave them at donation boxes close to home, or sending them to any charity organization of your choice. 
>Empty out cupboards, kitchen cabinets and so on, and clean them thoroughly. Place them back according to priority- most frequently used items remain in front while less used items go right at the back. Be sure to label all jars and containers to make it neater and more organized, and utilize old or broken containers as flower or herb pots. 
>Empty out your fridge and throw out all old and expired products, and restock with fresh products. Furthermore, ensure the dirty solids behind and under the fridge are cleaned to avoid having the air flow restricted if too much gets accumulated. This not only increases the performance of the appliance but also decreases the cost and energy used. 
>Re-use tin cans and glass jars or bottles as holders for cutlery, or cooking-utensils, or wires and knick-knacks in your room, to help organize the clutter in the kitchen. 
>Sort out plastic and/or paper bags from grocery shopping and takeaways into separate drawer to reuse as make-shift dust-bins, to carry food for meals or late Iftars and so on. 
>Washing machine hoses can be a great cause of concern, as leaks can cause serious damage to your house. Be sure to check the hoses for cracks, especially at the connection point, and replace old ones. 
>Do a quick check to ensure all lightbulbs are working, and replace those that have fused with new ones. Go a step further and use this occasion to replace your existing light-bulbs with energy-saving models. 
>Ensure all appliances, especially the air conditioner, are working smoothly. Should they be in need of fixing, get in touch with your maintenance company to help fix it. 
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