Time to redefine education, says expert

Time to redefine education, says expert
Physicist, Filmmaker and Television Presenter Dr. Derek Muller during at the World Government Summit in Dubai.

Dubai - "As we move towards modernity, boundaries will disappear and free flow of information is inevitable."

By Angel Tesorero

Published: Mon 8 Feb 2016, 5:58 PM

Last updated: Mon 8 Feb 2016, 8:08 PM

Education is not a commodity to be delivered to students but a social process, according to a leading social media expert.
Speaking to Khaleej Times on the sidelines of the World Government Summit, Dr. Derek Muller, creator of Veritasium, a science channel on YouTube, said that despite an advancement in technology worldwide, the delivery of education has not fundamentally changed though the years."Education is not just the transfer of knowledge from books to ones' head or from a teacher to a student. It is not a commodity to be delivered to students, it is a social interaction between students and teachers," said Dr. Muller, who is at the ongoing World Government Summit, to talk about 'How is Social Media Transforming the Future of Education?'
"Dubai is in a very unique position with its resources of ideas and human capital, I don't see no reason why Dubai will not become a global leader in education," added Dr. Muller.Muller pointed out that education must be interactive as its bedrock is the social process between teachers and students and among students themselves.With this, Muller said: "the role of social media in transforming the future of education is not in the delivery of information to students but what the students will do with social media. Social media is not a deliverer but a tool to be used by students to make an impact in their own world."
He added: "The fundamental ingredients for good education are great teachers and a supportive environment. Trains the teachers well; pay them well; respect them and encourage their professional development and put them in a classroom where they can succeed."
Muller, who makes films to "uncover misconceptions about science", said: "We are seeing the transformative change happening worldwide. People are getting more exposed to more ideas than ever before; people are getting more aware of different views and cultures other their own." "Ultimately, we all have to be more accepting of change. In the past it was possible to be siloed or kept distant from the rest of the world but the spread of information is now happening so fast, whether we like it or not." Muller added: "As we move towards modernity, boundaries will disappear and free flow of information is inevitable."
"Censorship is not a viable solution because in this connected world, we always find ways to permeate those boundaries - people use VPNs (virtual private networks) and other technology to make sure we have global access." However, the classroom environment a hundred years ago is basically the same set-up as today, except there is more technology.
 The smart board being used on Monday has the same function of a black board used before, he said.Muller said people should look beyond the mere transfer of knowledge.

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