Reduce social media time, improve diet: UAE residents' top 5 New Year resolutions

People are focused on health goals and want more fulfilling and meaningful experiences with friends and family, according to a new survey


Waheed Abbas

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Image used for illustrative purpose.
Image used for illustrative purpose.

Published: Fri 5 Jan 2024, 8:26 AM

Last updated: Mon 8 Jan 2024, 4:27 PM

It's never too late to get a head start on healthy living or adopt positive habits, and what better time to begin than the start of a new year?

Improving diet for better health, spending more time with family and friends, and increasing travel frequency have emerged as the top priorities for UAE residents in their New Year resolutions for 2024, as revealed by a recent survey.

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According to consumer insights and market research consultancy Toluna, approximately 61 per cent of UAE residents aim to enhance their diet for better health. In comparison, 53 per cent aspire to devote more time to family and friends. Additionally, 50 per cent express a desire to boost travel frequency and, 39 per cent plan to adopt plant-based diets, and 32 per cent intend to decrease their social media usage.

The survey conducted across the UAE and Saudi Arabia highlights that health and healthy choices are paramount for UAE respondents. Of those surveyed, 48 per cent are committed to weight loss, and 59 per cent have pledged to exercise regularly. Eating more healthily is a goal for 61 per cent of participants, with variations among age groups: 49 per cent among the 18-24 age group and a more significant commitment (71%) from those aged 44-65.

"People are focused on health goals and want more fulfilling and meaningful experiences with friends and family. For brands, it's important to understand these motivating factors and behaviours to deliver value and be a part of the virtuous cycle that consumers plan to achieve," said Georges Akkaoui, enterprise account director and office leader for Middle East and Africa at Toluna.

Exploring new destinations

The desire for travel remains strong, with 50 per cent expressing a wish to explore new destinations more frequently in 2024 and 28 per cent aiming to engage more in networking and socialising activities during their travels.

Regarding travel plans, there's a notable shift in the frequency of trips among UAE fliers. Around 23 per cent aim for one to two trips annually, 49 per cent plan to take three to four trips, and 20 per cent wish to go on five to six trips in 2024. Popular destinations include Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Italy.

Reducing social media

In line with spending more time with friends and family, nearly one-third – 32 per cent – are planning to reduce time spent on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

Around 54 per cent of residents expressed confidence in sticking to their resolutions this year. At the same time, 60 per cent are hopeful and believe their lives will improve in 2024.


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