Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee: How British expats in the UAE are celebrating

Community comes together to mark the day by hanging Union Jack-coloured buntings, making cupcakes and life-size replicas of monarch

Queen's Platinum Jubilee-Cupcakes.-SUPPLIED PHOTO
Queen's Platinum Jubilee-Cupcakes.-SUPPLIED PHOTO

Dhanusha Gokulan

Published: Thu 2 Jun 2022, 8:12 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Jun 2022, 10:17 PM

British expats in the UAE are putting their best foot forward to mark Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee.

From festive decorations, to cupcakes, and streamers in the colours of the Union Jack, the community is going all out to show their love for the beloved monarch.

The UAE has been home to thousands of British expatriates, who have called the UAE home even before the country’s formation in 1971.

Britons - young and old- say Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee is a once-in-a-generation celebration. The 96-year-old is the first British monarch to reach a platinum jubilee, which marks 70 years since she ascended the throne in 1952.

And they are doing it in style by hanging Union Jack-coloured buntings and making life-size replicas of the Queen.

Take the case of UK-born and raised Tara Rose Kidd. The owner of Abu Dhabi-based Tara Rose Salons is not just honouring the Queen’s 70 years, but is also celebrating the cultural diversity of the UAE. “Here in Abu Dhabi, we come from different backgrounds and countries and this is an opportunity to share our culture with others,” Tara told Khaleej Times.

Tara’s chain of salons in Abu Dhabi will feature buntings, flags and another decor to give patrons a sense of patriotism. “We’ll be hosting an afternoon tea with cakes and sandwiches. Our staff will participate in the celebrations by coming dressed as their favourite British icons or very patriotically,” said Tara.

The salon owner says she admire’s the Queen. “She’s a solid icon for women everywhere. She holds herself with such dignity that no matter the engagement - be it charitable events or diplomatic meets — she displays her sense of duty to her country in everything she does; and she’s always smiling and gracious,” she added.

“The royal family itself is something that we as Britishers feel has stayed the same through so many major events — even the recent Covid-19 pandemic. I admire that they’re always there, reassuring and working alongside the people,” stated Tara.

Online grocers Kibsons, meanwhile, are telling shoppers to leave their Jubilee shopping list to their care - they have rounded up a selection of sweet, savoury treats and premium teas to help British residents host a true-blue high tea party in the comfort of their home.

Several restaurants and hotels have also lined up special events and offers to celebrate the momentous occasion. The voco Bonnington Dubai in JLT has announced a British afternoon tea from

2pm-5pm on Saturday, June 4, at The Authors’ Lounge.

Damac Hills is offering a British-themed beverage in exchange for any coin that has Queen Elizabeth’s image on it at the FireLake Grill House. A royal themed brunch is also being laid out at seafood restaurant Gaeles at Armani Hotel over the weekend.

A special gift from Dubai Duty-Free

Dubai Duty-Free already marked the platinum jubilee with the presentation of a gift to the Queen’s racing manager, John Warren, at the Dubai Duty-Free Spring Trials Weekend at Newbury Racecourse on April 17.

Commissioned by Dubai Duty Free from court jewellers Cleave & Company, who hold Royal Warrants as regular providers of goods and services to Queen Elizabeth, Warren was given a unique piece comprising a sterling silver horseshoe-shaped dish mounted with a gold-plated sterling silver racing plate. The article incorporated a platinum rosette holding a small brilliant-cut diamond, paying tribute to the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.

A Hilleri Spire, a popular ornamental cherry tree, was also planted outside Newbury Racecourse’s Owners’ Club and bore a plaque dedicating the variety of flowing cherry to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Dubai Duty-Free executive vice chairman and CEO Colm McLoughlin said: “We are honoured that the Queen has graced the Dubai Duty-Free Spring Trials Weekend with her presence on many occasions in the past. We hope she will enjoy watching the cherry tree planted in honour of her Platinum Jubilee flourish in time to come.”

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