Over 500 nurses appointed each year in Dubai

 Over 500 nurses appointed each year in Dubai
DHA recognises that nurses form the backbone of the health sector

Dubai - Turnover rate in country much lower than international standards due to better facilities

By Staff Reporter

Published: Fri 13 May 2016, 6:47 PM

Last updated: Sat 14 May 2016, 8:32 AM

Between 500 to 800 nurses are appointed in the emirate each year as Dubai Health Authority (DHA) witnesses a year-on-year growth in the recruitment of nurses, said a top health official.
"With completion of newer projects, the authority has seen a growth in the recruitment of nurses over the last few years as 500 to 800 nurses are appointed every year," said Fouad Chehab, Director of Nursing at Dubai hospital and chairperson of Directors of Nursing Forum at the DHA said on Thursday.
"The DHA recognises the value of nurses in the health sector, in many ways they are the backbone of the health sector and therefore we have very clear recruitment strategies as well as defined career-growth pathways for nurses."
As per March 2016, the number of nurses at DHA's health facilities (five hospitals and 15 health centres) was 4,874 and the nurses are from over 20 countries.
Chehab said, "The authority organises at least two overseas recruitment trips each year and once recruited the nurses have several options to pursue further training programmes to seek specialisations as well as defined career paths."
In 2015, the DHA promoted 1,000 nurses and provided fast-track growth path to exceptional nursing staff. "This is one of the reasons our turnover rate is much lower than international standards, ours is 5 to 6 per cent while the international rate is 10 to 18 per cent."
Chehab also highlighted that the DHA provides several programmes to promote recruitment and retention of Emirati nurses. In the UAE, the number of Emirati nurses is steadily increasing due to the various training colleges available locally and thanks to the active role played by various health authorities across the UAE to promote and develop this field.
"At the DHA we have fast-track career path options for Emirati nurses. They are also given scholarship to pursue higher studies in nursing, previously they needed to go abroad but now several colleges are available within the country itself," said Chehab.
Last year, 300 nurses from DHA attended an eight-day management programme with 40 CME credit hours.
To mark International Day of the Midwife and World Nurses Day, the authority held felicitation programmes across its hospitals. Nurses who have completed 25 years and those who have achieved excellence in their field were awarded.

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