New radars seen on UAE roads; here's what they do

Abu Dhabi, radars, UAE police, Aber

Motorists noticed these radars and inquired about how the devices worked.

By Web Report

Published: Sun 22 Sep 2019, 12:01 PM

Last updated: Tue 24 Sep 2019, 10:29 AM

A new set of radars has been installed by Abu Dhabi Police on select roads in the emirate.

The radars, in their testing phase, have been installed for quality and operational checks.

According to Arabic daily Emarat Al Youm, motorists in Abu Dhabi had noticed the new radars on certain roads, and wanted to know how the new devices worked, and also what type of violations they detected.

Police said that the new radars detect violations similar to the older versions, such as jumping red lights or exceeding speed limits.

Additionally, the police announced that they are planning to install another new type of radars for detecting violations of not giving priority to pedestrians, which would be named Aber.

Nine Aber radars would be installed at pedestrian crossing areas in the emirate, especially near mosques and schools in the initial phase.

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