More job opportunities for these graduates in UAE

More job opportunities for these graduates in UAE

Abu Dhabi - In education, teaching science emerged as the fastest way to get employed.

By Sarwat Nasir

Published: Tue 8 Jan 2019, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Thu 10 Jan 2019, 8:37 AM

The most in-demand university majors have been revealed by the UAE Ministry of Education, including ones that ensure the "fastest speed of employment".
Findings have been shared in a report, which listed engineering, education, business administration, medical sciences, IT, environmental and health sciences, and arts and humanities as the most sought-after degrees.
However, the top four majors that can lead to the speediest employment are education, business administration, IT and engineering, respectively. In education, teaching science emerged as the fastest way to get employed.
The 'Majors in Demand' study was carried out across 80 per cent of universities in the country and surveyed more than 13,000 students in 2018.

Dr Mohammad Al Mualla, undersecretary for Higher Education Academic Affairs at the Ministry of Education, said: "The study offers insight into the conditions of graduating students once they've completed their education and are on the cusp of joining the workforce in the UAE or abroad. It presents a practical instrument for assessing the compatibility of the disciplines they've chosen to specialise in with the situation in the labour market, particularly with the rapid technological advancements, which have pushed the education sector to innovate in the way it forecasts the future of economic sectors."
The ministry is working towards ensuring that this study helps build a practical and integrated system to meet students' academic and professional needs, as well as match their studies with the requirements of the labour market.
"For a student about to embark on their university career, choosing the right major is pivotal for their future; it is a choice influenced by economic, social and personal factors. With that in mind, the ministry sought to guide the youth through this study to make informed decisions about their careers, steering them towards the sectors that offer opportunities and drive comprehensive, sustainable development," Dr Al Mualla added.
Engineering was the second most employable degree, after education. Civil engineering was the most in-demand major, followed by mechanical and petroleum engineering. However, the ones that offer the fastest employment are mechatronics and industrial engineering.
Marketing was ranked first under business majors, followed by finance, accounting and quality management. Retail and tourism came in last.

Dr Ahmad bin Abdullah Humaid Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of State for Higher Education and Advanced Skills, said: "The study is an ideal forecasting tool for students to outline their academic careers through studying at public and private higher education institutions around the UAE.
"This, in turn, feeds into our general strategic directions, which seek to synchronise the higher education outcome with labour market demands. We will be discussing the results of our study with the Higher Education and Private Sector Council, as well as various academic institutions, in order to broaden our constant collaboration and coordination, identify labour market requirements, and develop specialisations and programmes accordingly to help students secure suitable employment opportunities in the future."
A guiding document for students
Our changing work environment is often forcing us to question and rethink our choices in terms of university education for us and our children. After all, college education is often considered means to a good life. In this regards, the list revealed by the Minsitry of Education can act as a guiding document for parents and students who wish to align their skillsets as per the job market. This is a rational approach that can improve the chances of employability and make our society happier.
Four majors that lead to the 'speediest employment'
>Business administration
>Information technology
Most sought-after university degrees
>Business administration
>Medical sciences
>Environmental and health sciences
>Arts and humanities

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