Look: 13,000 students, parents, staff gather in Dubai school to celebrate International Yoga Day

The programme took place at various locations around the campus

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Nandini Sircar

Published: Tue 21 Jun 2022, 7:08 PM

A Dubai school has exemplified the practice of yoga on an unprecedented scale on the International Day of Yoga.

13,000 people celebrated at the Indian High School by practising yoga poses and meditation at the Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, Oud Metha Campus.

The two-phase event was held on 21 June 2022 between 10 am and 11 am, on the 8th Anniversary of the International Day of Yoga.

Phase 1 saw around 13,000 students along with their parents and faculty immerse in yoga session at various locations across the school.

Phase 2 commenced as acclaimed yoga teacher, Dr Sanjiv Krishna (founder of Sanjeev Krishna Yoga, Director for the Council for Yoga Accreditation (US), and advisory board member to the Arab region Yoga Teachers Council) led the interactive session.

CEO, Punit MK Vasu opined, “Today, yoga has gained the kind of acceptance among genders, age groups, wealth groups and social strata that can be matched by a few other trends. Yoga – and that is what it is in Sanskrit - is all about connections. Good connections between one’s mind and body and one’s body and self are the basis for clarity, happiness, positivity and focus."

"Well-being is a major concern in recent times, especially against the backdrop of the pandemic. At The Indian High Group of Schools, we include yoga in our clubs, activities and daily schedules so learners benefit early on in their lives from this centuries-old practice to build a healthy body and a strong mind. Yoga is also perhaps the best indicator of how ancient customs and traditions have stood the test of time and evolution.”

Year 5 and 6 Boys Sports In-charge, Sagar Pradhan says, “Yoga definitely helps in overall health and fitness, and to keep students stress-free. I start my day with basic exercises and yoga practices. Suryanamaskaram has itself impacted my overall well-being a lot. This celebration organised by The Indian High School has given the students and the faculty enough motivation to instill yoga into their daily lives.”

Student of Grade 9, Anayka Manoj avers, “Yoga has always been an important part of my life. My parents have ensured that I have yoga practices instilled into my daily routine. It has helped me to focus better and have more clarity, be it in extra-curricular activities or in academics. This programme by our school gave me insights on practical tips to look at studied and regulate my emotions and enhance my well-being.”


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