Green Land Recycling Solutions: Pioneering the way to a greener tomorrow

The recycling company is at the forefront of revolutionising food and tobacco waste management through inventive techniques

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Published: Fri 10 May 2024, 3:11 PM

Last updated: Fri 10 May 2024, 4:39 PM

Food wastage and cigarette butt waste are significant contributors to environmental degradation worldwide, yet recycling these materials presents challenges, often leading to landfill disposal or incineration. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reports a staggering annual waste of 1.3 billion tons of food, equating to one-third of all food produced for human consumption. Similarly, a concerning 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are discarded annually, posing severe environmental threats due to toxic chemicals. These pollutants have the potential to infiltrate soil and water, endangering ecosystems and wildlife, while the annual cost of cleaning up cigarette waste amounts to billions, emphasising the economic burden of waste management.

Mitigating food wastage and cigarette butt waste is crucial for both environmental preservation and public health. Traditional food waste disposal methods, such as landfilling, emit methane, a potent greenhouse gas more impactful than carbon dioxide in contributing to global warming. Conversely, careless cigarette butt disposal leads to accumulation in water bodies and landfills, releasing harmful substances like nicotine and heavy metals, threatening soil and water quality and wildlife.

The deterioration of soil quality, and the pollution of ecosystems underscores the urgent need for sustainable waste management practices. Implementing responsible disposal behaviours is essential to address these pressing environmental concerns and promote long-term sustainability.

Green Land Recycling Solutions is at the forefront of revolutionising food and tobacco waste management through inventive techniques. Their sprawling processing facility, spanning more than 100,000 sq ft, strategically located in Dubai Industrial City, showcases state-of-the- art machinery and equipment. Led by managing director Faizal, the company aims to reduce environmental impact and demonstrate strong industry leadership. Their effort encompasses composting food waste to create premium organic compost within just 24 hours, which is subsequently distributed to local farms for agricultural, plantation and landscaping purposes.

Green Land Recycling Solutions is spearheading innovative recycling initiatives aimed at addressing tobacco waste, particularly focusing on cigarette butts. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, they meticulously separate tobacco from filters, transforming them into viable compost. Additionally, they repurpose filter waste into a soft material suitable for various applications, including filling pillows, mattresses, insulation, or non-visible sections of bags, toys, and backpacks, replacing conventional PE foams. Through a rigorous assessment process, the team evaluates incoming materials to determine the right way to process them into something new, diverting waste from landfills and actively combating environmental pollution while enhancing soil health

In a mere span of two years since introducing their services in the UAE, they effectively recycled 392 metric tons of food waste and 450 metric tons of cigarette butts.

Their expertise also encompasses recycling of cosmetic and FMCG products, textiles, plastics, paper, metals, glass and e-wastes prioritising data security and sustainability.

Green Land Recycling Solutions' comprehensive strategy underscores sustainability, conservation, and community involvement, heralding a shift towards responsible waste management practices for a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

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