Little acts of kindness bring big cheers to these workers

Little acts of kindness bring big cheers to these workers
Eight courier boys could purchase new shoes and bags

Dubai - Laundry boys, courier boys and and food delivery boys in the UAE got the chance to shop for new outfits and shoes, and also dine at a fancy restaurant


Angel Tesorero

Published: Tue 27 Jun 2017, 8:57 PM

It is always heartening to note how small gestures of kindness can bring big cheers to people who appreciate them most.
Recently, a group of six 'laundry boys' were sponsored by the producers of Salaam Namaste, a locally-produced reality show, to shop for new clothes; another set of eight 'courier boys' bought new bags and shoes, and seven 'food delivery boys' were served sumptuous dinner at a fancy restaurant owned by Indian celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor.
However small and fleeting those treats can be, they still left a big impression on them.
For a moment, 54-year-old Gilbert Cardoza, who hails from Mangalore, India, said he felt some sense of "comfort."
Gilbert has been working as laundryman at a shop in Karama for the past 25 years. He said: "Everyday, I sort out and wash clothes but the clothes I have are all worn out. Sometimes people judge you on the clothes you wear. Having a presentable attire makes a good impression.
"So, we were really surprised when Salaam Namaste brought us to a mall to shop for new outfits," he told Khaleej Times. "We were very excited and happy because this was the first time someone had given us such a surprise.
"It was a very good experience as they not only let us to shop, but they also advised us to get the latest fashion and trends. They helped us match different colours of jeans, T-shirts and shirts. It was fun," added Gilbert.
His co-worker Pankaj Kanojia, 34, also from India, added: "We had a good experience because they also took the time to thank and praise us for all the work we are doing in the UAE.
"This (shopping) was the first time that someone has done something so nice for me and it really made me happy," Pankaj beamed with a smile.
Meanwhile, Prudhvi Polavarapu, 29, and his colleagues at Team Express Courier Services got new bags and shoes.
"Everyday we run around to deliver packages and parcels. So, we were asked what can be the best gifts we want to receive and we said: New shoes and bags," Prudhvi, from Hyderabad, India, said.
"They (Salaam Namaste) took us to a shopping mart to buy new stuff and we really appreciated the kind move because the things we got will be very helpful in our daily work," he added.
Sujan Magar, 24, from Nepal, was among the seven food delivery boys, who had a sit-down dinner at one of Dubai's posh restaurants.
"We were taken to Signature by Melia, Dubai, which is run by famous Indian chef Sanjeev Kapoor," Sujan told Khaleej Times.
"I was very nervous at first as I never thought I would get a chance to eat at such a fancy restaurant. We normally do not have time to even go out and eat because our work keeps us busy," he added.
"The dinner was a very good surprise and gave me a great feeling. The food was perfect and I enjoyed every course - from the welcome drink to starters, main course and the sweets," he added.
For Sanjeev, "charity is compassion not done out of pity or patronising them but turning their discomfort in life into hope and inspiration for the future."
More scenes during the fun times of these workers can be seen on Salaam Namaste's Season 2 which started airing over Colors TV every Saturday and Sunday at 8pm with back-to-back repeat episodes on Fridays. 

Six laundry boys bought new clothes
Six laundry boys bought new clothes
Food delivery boys enjoy a fancy dinner
Food delivery boys enjoy a fancy dinner

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