Khaleej Times raises the bar again with subscription offer

Faraz Izhar, Iram Rizvi and their children are avid readers of Khaleej Times. — Photo by Dhes Handumon
Faraz Izhar, Iram Rizvi and their children are avid readers of Khaleej Times. - Photo by Dhes Handumon

The free vouchers offer 33 per cent more value compared with last year's campaign.

By Staff Reporter

Published: Tue 8 Jan 2019, 7:00 PM

Last updated: Wed 9 Jan 2019, 4:03 PM

Khaleej Times, the UAE's first English newspaper, has once again raised the bar while delivering credible news at an incredible price. The exclusive Khaleej Times Annual Subscription offer keeps the price constant while offering an unprecedented Dh1,000 in gift vouchers and the chance to win Mazda cars.
When Khaleej Times promises 'more', it isn't just about engaging news, features, reviews, insights, sports update, culture, lifestyle and entertainment, but also about prizes and surprises that appeal to all ages. From irresistible shopping vouchers to travel discounts, ice-cream coupons, watch and online shopping discounts, the offer also gives subscribers the chance to win two brand new Mazda CX-3 SUVs and the stunning Mazda MX-5 sports car.
Every Khaleej Times subscriber, nevertheless, is already a winner. The free vouchers offer 33 per cent more value compared with last year's campaign even as the annual subscription rate has been retained at Dh420.
"Notwithstanding inflation and rise in production cost, we have kept the annual subscription offer at Dh420 but the vouchers have increased to Dh1,000," said Constance Moraes, head of circulation and distribution at Khaleej Times.
Each subscriber will get Dh600 vouchers from Cleartrip, the region's leading mobile and online travel company; a Dh150 shopping voucher from LuLu Hypermarket redeemable at any of its branches across the country; a Dh100 voucher from Baskin Robbins to get the perfect treat for any celebration or occasion; a Dh100 voucher from Time House; and another Dh50 voucher from Mumzworld.
"These are excellent vouchers and cashback with real value that you can use every day and for all occasions," Moraes noted.
"Khaleej Times has a history of giving attractive subscription offers every year. Readers are surely gratified with the promotion and we reward them for their loyalty. We also witness year-on-year increase from our new subscribers and this is a testament to the fact that we offer great editorial content," he added.
A loyal Khaleej Times reader, Iram Rizvi, said: "I particularly like the local articles - be it about children getting back to school, families celebrating various festivals, the different localities, humanitarian initiatives and so on."
The long-time Dubai resident and mother of two added: "All four of us in the family are avid readers of Khaleej Times. The first thing that really appeals to me as a reader is the hassle-free, clean layout of the newspaper with each section well defined.

"With the exponentially developing  modern technology, we can access hundreds and thousands of news sources at the tap of a finger. However, it can be time-consuming to consult multiple outlets. That's why KT is my go-to news source. I know that I'm up to date with the news that matters once I've gone through my copy of Khaleej Times," she underlined.
Khaleej Times comes bundled with special sections and magazines, including the weekly WKND and Young Times magazines, aside from Spotlight and other regular supplements.
Aside from getting more than double what the subscriber will pay for, the offer also means big savings in receiving a copy of the country's pioneer and leading English newspaper. A Dh420 annual subscription cost means that every copy of Khaleej Times delivered over the next 365 days, come rain or shine, is only priced at Dh1.15 as opposed to the Dh5 cover price at newsstands. This alone is a saving of Dh1,405 annually.
Now add the fact that three lucky subscribers will be driving home brand new cars  and the offer becomes irresistible. Raffle draw dates are end-February, end-March and early May. The KT annual subscription promotion ends on April 30.
Khaleej Times readership grows, in defiance of the global trend
An increasing number of readers are switching to Khaleej Times, and they're being rewarded with not just incisive news and insightful views, but also with great prizes.
In fact, Khaleej Times' readership has become bigger in the UAE, across all the emirates, according to the 2017 National Readership Survey conducted by Ipsos, a global market research and a consulting firm.
Khaleej Times readership grew to 11.9 per cent in Abu Dhabi (up from 11.5 per cent in 2016) while Dubai saw our readership grow to 18.5 per cent (up from 18.1 per cent in the previous survey). In Sharjah, our readership grew to 19.3 per cent (up from 18.8 per cent) while 'other emirates' saw our readership swell to 16.5 per cent (up from 15.9 per cent).
The definitive survey, based on responses from 4,000 UAE residents, including a mix of nationalities such as Emiratis, Arab and non-Arab expatriates., also affirmed Khlaeej Times as a reliable source of information. More than half, or 52 per cent of the respondents, voted Khaleej Times as a reliable source of information - six percentage points ahead of how other English daily readers rated our main competitor.
In the era of declining print audience, Khaleej Times has kept a strong market share, thanks to its loyal and growing base of readers.
In February last year, Manikandan Sundararajan, his wife Mahalakshmi and daughter Meghaa switched to Khaleej Times and drove home a brand-new Mazda 3 which they won in the second raffle draw of the 2018 subscription drive.
Manikandan said he decided to switch his subscription to Khaleej Times for its "prompt news and engaging delivery of stories".

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