Issue traffic fines, boost rainfall: Top things UAE drones can do

Dubai - Hi-tech drones are used by police and local authorities to accomplish various missions

By Staff Report

Published: Thu 27 May 2021, 2:44 PM

A top Dubai Police official announced yesterday that hi-tech drones hovering above you have recorded 4,400 violations in the first three months of the year.

Of these, 518 were for failure to wear face masks as part of Covid safety protocols, and 37 for jaywalking.

Besides monitoring traffic in real-time, capturing violations on the road, tracking criminals, and ensuring public compliance with safety measures, the police and local authorities have been flying drones to accomplish other missions.

Here are some other things UAE drones can do:

1. Broadcast advisories

Amid the Covid pandemic, the Sharjah Police patrolled streets using drones which were equipped with loudspeakers. So as they flew across the emirate to ensure compliance with rules, they also reminded residents of the safety measures.

2. Disinfect streets

The Dubai Municipality used a drone to disinfect public areas during the sterilisation programme in February.

3. Defuse bombs

One of the police’s high-tech drones is equipped with a remote-controlled water cannon and a camera to defuse bombs and control fire. It can also be used to search explosives and break windows.

4. Find missing persons

Earlier this year, the police used drones equipped with thermal cameras to locate two missing tourists in Hatta.

5. Boost rains

Drones can be flown into the clouds where they can create a small electrical charge to help trigger rain.

6. Plant trees

Around 10,000 seeds of Ghaf trees were planted by a high-tech drone in the Mleiha desert of Sharjah in March this year. The job that was supposed to take months was completed in a few hours.

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