Islamic scholar Mufti Menk launches his second book

Islamic scholar Mufti Menk launches his second book

Dubai - It is a compilation of 500 of his most popular inspirational quotes that were shared on social media, along with 20 quotes from his followers.

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By Saman Haziq

Published: Mon 4 Mar 2019, 10:24 PM

Mufti Menk, a prominent Islamic scholar who also has millions of followers on social media, launched his second book Motivational Moments II in Dubai on Saturday evening.
Keeping the launch a simple affair,Mufti Menk addressed a gathering of about 200 people, where he spoke about his motivational book at the ballroom ofJW Marriott Hotel, Dubai.
His first book, Motivational Moments, was also a 500-quote compilation, and since there was a huge demand for more, Mufti Menk decided to release a second book that was launched in association with BookKonceptz, the exclusive global distributor of both his books.
"I have read a lot of books by non-Muslims, but I realised that fewer non-Muslims read books written by Muslims. I thought this must change, and that there needs to be a topic of relevance, which is written in a way that takes into consideration all humanity, because people across the globe are brothers and sisters in humanity," said the Zimbabwen scholar, who is also known for his wit, humour and engaging lectures. Menk used Twitter and Facebook only to share positive quotes, and he eventually came up with the idea of putting them together in a book.
"I have thousands of quotes, as I write three to four quotes on a daily basis. These are based on the work I do as a life coach and counsellor. And because I am involved in social guidance for many years now, it has given me a chance to meet innumerable people with different issues. If you look at my tweets and quotes, you will see that 95 to 98 per cent of them are relevant to people of all faiths, inclinations and races."
Talking about the contents of the book, he said: "I posted quotes based on the happenings of that day or that week, but later on, we divided them into themes in the book. In the first part, the themes were patience, tackling sadness, forgiveness, love, loyalty, repentance, career, kindness and self-worth. In the second book, I continued with more similar themes, such as hope, patience, forgiveness, sincerity and repentance, and then I added quotes from people who interacted and engaged with us online. A couple of them were also from the UAE.
"All the themes in the book are needed by humanity today. We are in search of contentment, happiness, motivation. We want solutions to our issues, we want to get rid of sadness. We all have similar issues."
Mohsin Bin Ahmed CEO & Founder of bookkconceptz, said: "Motivational Moment part 2 launch was a grand success. Despite being a private gathering, the ballroom was packed and there was an overwhelming response by the well wishers. People were also given opportunity to meet and greet Mufti Menk during book signing.  Now the e-books for both the books are also available online for people to download. There are lot of niche Islamic books available at bookkonceptz situated at Al Nahda 2, Dubai."

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