Eating right is the name of the game

Eating right is the name of the game

Dubai - Since the kick-start of the 30-day fitness challenge, nutrition plays as big a role as motivation in seeing the challenge through


Kelly Clarke

Published: Tue 24 Oct 2017, 8:17 PM

Last updated: Fri 27 Oct 2017, 10:28 AM

If you've ever Googled: "What's more important: diet or exercise?" then you've likely been hit with the same phraseology that one is just as important as the other. So, with the Dubai Fitness Challenge taking care of your exercise needs, it's time to start focusing on what to eat.
Speaking to Khaleej Times, Lovely Ranganath, senior nutritionist at the Dubai World Trade Centre, said for first timers who are getting active with the challenge, there's no need to "fret too much" over the nuances of nutrition.
"The fundamentals are more or less the same: Eat mostly plants, ample protein, and carbs and fats according to personal preference and activity level. Tailor portion sizes according to your goal." And she said there are no specific foods you have to eat.
"It's not like you need to eat broccoli if it's not your preferred vegetable. Tomatoes will do the trick very well. There's a wide variety of options that will cover your micronutrient bases."
Since the kick-start of the 30-day fitness challenge, motivation has been a key driving factor getting most people up and active. But although motivation can be a powerful tool, the reality is, it comes and goes and eating well requires gradual effort.
"Focus on daily habits that you can uphold regardless of whether you're motivated or not. Set measurable targets that you can achieve, and remember to learn balance."
When it comes to Dubai's youngest generation, getting up and getting active with the Dubai Fitness Challenge is the first step on a great journey. But fellow nutritionist Kimi Sokhi said what they eat really counts too.
"An adult already has a well-developed set of limbs, organs, brain and tissue. However, our bodies and brains grow at astronomical rates in the first three years of life. Infants double their body weight approximately every six weeks until the age of 1-1.5 years. Food and nourishment are the raw materials needed to develop their brains, bones and tissue."
So why not try growing your own produce, to get kids motivated about healthy eating.
The UAE's hot climate means some produce thrive here when it comes to home-grown efforts, while others don't.
So, start with the basics that are easy to grow. Tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs such as basil, thyme, mint, oregano, lavender are good options. But also try out some root vegetables for a different harvesting experience for the kids such as carrots, potatoes and onions.
Simple, post-workout snack ideas
Learn the basics of portion control
1 serving of lean protein = 1 palm / 120gm meat (4oz)
1 serving of vegetables = 1 or 2 fist or 1 cup
1 serving of healthy carbs = 1 fist or 1 cup
1 sering of healthy fat = 1 thumb or 1 tbsp
BITE SIZE TIP: Treating yourself to a small portion of ice cream or chocolate isn't a set-back. If anything, it's a step in the right direction to be able to enjoy treats in moderation

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