E-Tips to develop tipping culture in UAE

New platform seeks to expand the “gratitude” of customers beyond waiters and delivery staff


Rohma Sadaqat

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Michael Lvov, CEO of E-Tips - Supplied
Michael Lvov, CEO of E-Tips - Supplied

Published: Thu 19 May 2022, 9:17 PM

Last updated: Thu 19 May 2022, 9:21 PM

Enjoying a delicious meal in a restaurant might seem incomplete if you can’t show your gratitude to the person responsible for cooking your food.

However, Michael Lvov, CEO of E-Tips, says that there is a way for customers to extend their gratitude to the chef beyond just asking a waiter to pass on your compliments for the meal. E-tips is the cashless tipping platform that makes this possible – using QR technology, a customer can scan the code and leave a tip, feedback, and even an online review.

“It takes only five seconds to give tips and a review,” said Lvov. “You don't need any app or login; just scan the QR code on the bill, tap the amount of tips, and choose the payment method. If you want, you can even share personal feedback. We encourage you to do that, since such reviews have proven to be a source of motivation.”

Launched in December 2021, E-Tips works with a range of clients including hospitality, beauty, spa, F&B, and automotive. Providing a cashless solution to customers makes it easier for people to give tips without worrying if they have spare change or not.

Customers can tip any member of the staff, from the dishwasher at a restaurant, to the chef and server. Customers can also reward their favourite staff every time they like a service somewhere. The platform also allows customers to transfer their good reviews to google maps and TripAdvisor. This means that businesses that sign up for the service have a creative way to motivate their staff, increase productivity, and receive instant feedback.

“We believe that gratitude is the source of positive changes,” said Lvov. “Tips actually make people happy - both the giver and the receiver. My co-founders worked as waiters and we know how much joy it brings to find money in the tip jar at the end of the shift – as well as how sad you may get if the jar is empty.”

Chefs, valets, maids, and car washers are no less deserving of a tip, he added. “These people help others enjoy their time, so why don't we build something that helps them enjoy their time? As of today, 28 dine-in restaurants and more than 100 restaurants who specialise in delivery have our QR codes in the UAE. We are onboarding more than 100 venues at the moment and are building up a team to manage this flow of clients.”

Asked how customers and businesses have been responding to the service since its launch, he replied: “They love it! I mean, who doesn't like gifts? Especially if they are purely voluntary and sincere. That is actually the cool thing about our QR-tipping. You don't have to communicate with the person you are tipping. You can do it silently, on your own. So there is no tension, and it is purely your will to do so.”

As for the managers and the owners of the businesses, they loved it even more, says Lvov. “They understand that tips are the best motivation for the staff, while feedback helps improve the venues. We are getting more and more requests from cloud and dark kitchens who want to have this system in place and make their staff happier. We are on a quest to develop the culture of tipping in the region and we've only just begun.”

In addition to the platform’s mission of getting more money to people whose wages are low, Lvov says that the reviews system is a great way for staff to be recognised for their skills and services. “This is going to help good chefs and waiters to get better jobs, and for restaurant owners to find the best staff for their venues. After all, what is a better indication of experience, quality, and attitude, if not the reviews of your clients.”


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