Dubai traffic law: How motorists can avoid jumping red light and Dh50,000 penalty

According to Dubai Police, 87 cars a day or almost 4 cars every hour did not properly stop at the red light


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Published: Thu 6 Jul 2023, 4:52 PM

Last updated: Thu 6 Jul 2023, 10:44 PM

According to Dubai Police, 31,783 cases of jumping the red light were recorded last year. That means 87 cars a day or almost 4 cars every hour did not properly stop at the red light, or sped up instead of slowing down when the signal changed from green to yellow.

In the first six months of 2022 alone, beating the red light resulted in 50 collisions and caused the death of four people, while 64 others were injured on the road.

Colonel Jumaa Salem bin Suwaidan, deputy director of the Traffic Department at Dubai Police, said offenders received 12 black points and a Dh1,000 fine. Their vehicles were confiscated for a month and they had to pay a Dh3,000 release fee.

Amendments to Dubai traffic law

Now, following amendments to the traffic law in Dubai, the release fee has gone up (beginning July 6) to Dh50,000 and a stiffer penalty of Dh100,000 will have to be paid for confiscated vehicles that participate in illegal road race.

There are other amendments to the traffic law but jumping the red light is being highlighted as it has been one of the top traffic offences every year.

According to RoadSafety UAE, more than 7 per cent of all road accidents in the country annually involving major injuries or death are due to jumping the red light.

“This is clearly avoidable,” noted the road safety advocates, adding: “Waiting for a few seconds or minutes is better than committing a serious offence that can cause a fatal accident.”

Major General Saif Al Mazroui, director of the Traffic Department at Dubai Police, has been constantly reminding motorists to be cautious while driving towards traffic lights to prevent accidents. He noted one of the reasons for jumping the red light was not paying attention or being distracted while driving.

How to do it right

Thomas Edelmann, founder and managing director of RoadSafetyUAE, also told Khaleej Times: “Majority of red light jumping violations is linked to distracted behaviour of motorists. The attention of motorists must be centred on what’s happening around them. A red light simply cannot be overlooked as a result of distraction.”

He gave the following advice how to do it right:

  • Anticipate the potential signal change when approaching signals
  • Approaching an amber or yellow signal, make sure you stop safely before the signal turns red
  • Watch out for vehicles in front of you which might break hard to avoid amber or red lights
  • Signal areas are ‘hot spots’ and require full attention — make sure to have full concentration while driving and don’t get distracted

Keep in mind

  • When approaching an amber signal, don’t speed up trying to pass before the signal turns red
  • Drive with a sense of anticipation and plan for a potential signal change
  • In dense traffic situations, watch the traffic, but also keep an eye on the signal
  • Pedestrians, too must not jump the red lights of pedestrian crossings


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