Dubai mechanic jailed for 1 year for molesting 6-year-old

Dubai mechanic jailed for 1 year for molesting 6-year-old

He will be deported to Pakistan after completing his one year jail time.


Marie Nammour

Published: Fri 9 Mar 2018, 10:06 AM

Last updated: Sun 11 Mar 2018, 10:57 AM

A Pakistani assistant mechanic has been sentenced to one year in jail for luring a six-year-old girl and molesting her.
The Court of First Instance found the 28-year-old mechanic guilty of kissing and inappropriately touching the girl and showing her an adult video clip. He will be deported after completing his 1-year jail time. 
The mechanic was in the building to drop business cards when he spotted the little girl and led her to the top floor.
Upon referring him to court, prosecutors requested that a stiff penalty be inflicted on him.
He had earlier denied charges of molestation and possession of morally inappropriate material with the intention of showing it to others.
The complaint was filed on May 10, 2017, at Al Muraqqabat police station.
The girl's father, a 40-year-old Indian warehouse supervisor, said his daughter was playing with other children in their building in Hor al Anz.
"At around 5.40 pm, we received a phone call from the mother of another girl informing us that our daughter was sexually abused by a stranger. She then brought our girl home," the father said.
"Our daughter, who looked very scared, told us that a man, who spoke our language, grabbed her by the hand and led her to the higher floor stairs of an adjacent building where he inappropriately touched her and showed her a porn clip on his mobile phone. The man let her go only after threatening her not to inform her parents."
The father then called the police stating that it was not the first sexual assault incident to take place in their complex and other kids had been sexually abused before. 
"We received several complaints at Al Muraqqabat police station about kids falling victims to sexual harassment. At 10 am on July 5, 2017, we received the defendant from his detention," a police officer said.
"During interrogation, he confessed he was in a building to distribute air-conditioning maintenance cards. He spotted a little girl and grabbed her hand, taking her to the upper floor stairs. He admitted he molested her but denied having showed her any porn photos or clip."
Asked about his motive, the defendant told the police he would very often sexually harass teenagers aged between 14 and 18.
During an investigation by the public prosecution, the accused, who was placed in detention, admitted to all charges.
The court ruling has been appealed.

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