Dubai: Man sentenced to death for killing ex-girlfriend

The convict pre-planned the murder and followed her for several days, closely monitoring her movements


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Published: Tue 16 Jan 2024, 1:41 PM

Last updated: Tue 16 Jan 2024, 11:41 PM

An Arab man has been sentenced to death by the Dubai Criminal Court for the murder of his European girlfriend in an incident that took place in July 2020.

According to the investigation, in an act of revenge, the young man took the life of his former girlfriend after she wanted to end their relationship due to her affair with another person.

The convict pre-planned the murder and followed her for several days, closely monitoring his ex-girlfriend's movements. On the day of the murder, he entered her house, and slit her neck and tore her intestines.

A resident in the building reported a disturbance on the seventh floor to the security guard. Upon arriving at the scene, the guard found blood near the staircase. He attempted to open the stair door but could not. He then went up from another floor and found the victim lying in a pool of blood on the ground. The guard immediately informed Dubai Police about the crime.

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The police transported the body and started collecting evidence from the crime scene. A police officer said that an investigative team gathered sufficient evidence, identified the accused, and apprehended him near a shopping mall.

According to AlKhaleej report, the accused admitted to having a relationship with the victim in 2017. He soon discovered through social media that she met others and tried to end their relationship, but he refused and continued to pursue her.

The victim soon left the country to get away from his persuasion and constant threats. But after two years, he discovered that she had returned to work in Dubai.

He located her and reached her office, where she agreed to reconcile and requested a loan of Dh55,000. However, he could only lend Dh30,000, as he had recently lost his job.

After lending her the amount, the accused discovered her involvement with another person. This led to a verbal altercation, resulting in her decision to end their relationship once again. She also returned the borrowed amount.

Driven by anger, he wanted to take revenge and gained entry into her apartment. Confronting her, he coerced her into resuming their relationship and ending ties with another person. After making this demand, he left.

She reported him to the police for intimidation. Despite promising the police not to go near her again or intimidate her, he returned days later.

Subsequently, on the day of the incident, unable to reach her, he threatened her with a knife and tools he bought to kill her. When she resisted, he dragged her and fatally assaulted her on the building's stairs.


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