Covid-19: No cases reported in these 7 places

Dubai - These places never reported a single case throughout the pandemic.


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Published: Thu 24 Jun 2021, 12:03 PM

Last updated: Thu 24 Jun 2021, 12:30 PM

With the rapid global distribution of Covid vaccines, many countries see a decline in the number of residents infected by the deadly virus. Many countries are now completely Covid-free, with some never having reported a single case since the onset of the pandemic. According to US News, these countries include:

1. Tonga

The 36 inhabited islands of the archipelago have never reported a single case of Covid-19 since the onset of the pandemic. Neighboured by Fiji and Samoa, the nation reportedly staved off the virus by keeping cruise ships off their shores, closing airports and going into lockdown early on in the pandemic.

2. Micronesia

The coalition of 600 tiny islands, with a combined landmass of 300 million square miles, is another to have never reported a case of the virus. However, it has continued to receive support from the United States, China and Japan throughout the pandemic.

3. Kiribati

Also never reporting a case, the nation consists of 32 atolls, circular coral reefs, and one raised limestone island southwest of Hawaii. One of the only countries to be located in all four hemispheres of the world, Kiribati implemented flight restrictions early on’ very few airlines even fly to the country.

4. Tokelau

A territory of New Zealand accessible only by ship, the islands have never reported a case of coronavirus infection. With a small population of 1,500 residents, Tokelau calls itself the first nation to be completely powered by reusable energy.

5. Tuvalu

Consisting of three reef islands and six atolls, the archiplegao is home to 10,000 residents, of which none have reported a Covid infection. Located halfway between Australia and Hawaii, the independent nation imposed travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines in the earliest stages.

5. Saint Helena

This ten-by-five-mile South Atlantic island is said to be one of the most isolated parts of the world. Its 4,500 residents have reported no cases of Covid.

6. Pitcairn Islands

A group of four British islands, in the Pacific Ocean, no Covid cases have been reported from its fewer than 50 residents.

7. Palau

The country quickly suspended all air travel in the early stages of the pandemic, later moving to a mandatory quarantine model. Consisting of 300 islands east of the Philippines, the country's quick implementation meant that no cases have ever been recorded within its borders.

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