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CID patrols increase to nab robbers on UAE visit visas

CID patrols increase to nab robbers on UAE visit visas

Sharjah - A six-member robbery gang was recently nabbed by the police.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Sun 15 Sep 2019, 3:59 PM

Last updated: Mon 16 Sep 2019, 9:10 AM

Criminals coming into the country on visit or tourist visas are on the prowl. They are pickpocketing and committing robberies, mostly in residential and industrial areas.
To combat a spurt in such crimes, the Sharjah Police have stepped up its CID and Isnad patrols in vulnerable zones.
Recently, a six-member gang of Africans, who carried out a number of robberies at knifepoint and were also involved in pickpocketing, was nabbed by the police.
A top Sharjah Police official said that they have received lots of complaints about thefts and pickpocketing by criminals, who have entered the country on visit or tourist visas.
The residential areas being targeted include Rolla, Wahda streets, Al Nahada, and Al Butaina. The police have intensified inspections and patrols in all these residential zones to ensure security of the people. They have also enhanced vigil in industrial areas to combat thefts and safeguard businesses.
The Sharjah Police teams are on their toes to pounce on criminal activities and bring about safety in the region, the official underlined. 
He pointed out that of late, it has been found that most of the perpetrators of such crimes are from African and Asian communities. They come into the country on tourist or visit visas, with an intention to commit such crimes. According to police investigations, people residing in the country rarely commit these crimes because they would be easily identified through iris scan records.
The police official said that security patrols have been deployed around banks round the clock to monitor the security situation.
He called on people to avoid withdrawing big amounts of cash directly from banks or ATM outlets. He advised them to transfer money through banks. If someone has to withdraw a huge amount, it should be done in the presence of another person so there's enough protection, he suggested.
The official also warned against keeping the cash visible, as this would encourage criminals to steal, even by using violent methods.
He urged the authorities responsible for issuing entry permission to the country to keep a check on shady and criminal elements and review backgrounds of some nationalities.
He said people must report suspicious movements by calling 999 (for emergencies) and 901 (for non-emergencies).

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