Abu Dhabi: Nearly Dh170 million allocated in 3 years to support residents in need

Areas to be prioritised for the funding include education, health, family cohesion, social support, and Covid-19 related issues


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Supplied photos

Published: Tue 20 Sep 2022, 6:18 PM

Last updated: Tue 20 Sep 2022, 6:29 PM

Ma’an, the Authority of Social Contribution, has allocated a total of Dh168.9 million for various social priorities to support thousands of needy citizens and residents.

The amount represents 35.1 per cent of Dh480.9 million – the total financial contributions it has received from different institutions and individuals through the Social Investment Fund over the past three years, since its establishment.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Ma’an revealed the key areas where the financial contributions were allocated.

The authority received these contributions as part of its support for the three key social priorities officially approved by the Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi (DCD).

As the official channel to collect individual and corporate social responsibility contributions, the Authority enables all segments of society, including individuals, organisations and companies in Abu Dhabi and the UAE, to contribute financially to innovative social programmes and initiatives run by Ma’an.

This allows them to, based on the contributors’ interests, connect their brands with the local community in line with Abu Dhabi's social priorities.

The financial contributions can be made through the Ma’an website, direct deposits in its bank accounts, bank transfers, or by contacting the Authority’s Social Investment Fund team through various communication channels.

The social priorities identified by Ma’an to offer financial support include education, health, family cohesion, social support, necessities, and issues resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

As part of the drive, 49 social initiatives and programmes were run by various government entities and non-profit social organisations based in Abu Dhabi.

Figures from Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi (SCAD) show that the financial allocations made by Ma’an for various social initiatives delivered a significant positive impact on the lives of 695,000 citizens and residents across Abu Dhabi – representing 24 per cent of the emirate’s 2.9 million population.

Salama Al Ameemi, Director General of Ma’an, said: “The profound impact that Ma’an’s social support initiatives and programmes have on the Abu Dhabi community is the outcome of the solidarity and cooperation that exists among various segments of the society, both in the city and the UAE, and both at individual and organisational levels.

In the UAE, we have learned from our wise leadership that collaboration driven by creativity and innovation is the best tool to ensure the prosperity of the current and future generations.

At Ma’an, our role is to inspire the collective efforts of various sectors to achieve the desired social impact based on the approved social priorities.”

The total value of the financial assistance provided by Ma’an to its beneficiaries stood at Dh168.9 million.

Of this, nearly 39.3 per cent, or Dh66.3 million, was allocated to initiatives and programmes supporting the education sector.

28.4 percent, or Dh47.9. million, was given to the programmes and initiatives related to healthcare.

Furthermore, Dh54.6 million was allocated for community support priorities, representing 32.3 percent of the total allocations.

Al Ameemi also noted that Ma’an, which was established by the DCD in 2019, functions as a link between government, private, and third sector organisations to promote a collaborative effort to address social priorities.

In order to meet this goal, the Authority offers innovative solutions with a sustainable and measurable impact to promote solidarity and cooperation in UAE society.

“In view of the strong involvement of government, private and third sector entities in tackling community affairs in Abu Dhabi", Al Ameemi added, "Ma’an is committed to providing the appropriate support for all our partners to realise Abu Dhabi Government’s visions, and strategic direction, to ensure comprehensive social care for all segments of the UAE’s society.”

To generate a positive impact within the community, Ma’an, in collaboration with DCD, offered financial assistance to 49 social programmes and initiatives led by various governmental, non-profit and community organisations, including:

  • The Department of Education and Knowledge (Adek)
  • The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH)
  • The Emirates Red Crescent (ERC)
  • Kanad Hospital
  • Al Faraj Fund
  • Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (Seha)
  • The Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority (ECA)
  • The Abu Dhabi Centre for Sheltering and Humanitarian Care (EWAA)
  • Several centres specialising in the care of orphans and people of determination
  • Entities providing various social services to the Abu Dhabi community.

Functioning as a reliable official partner for interested stakeholders seeking to contribute financially to community initiatives, Ma’an offers practical solutions to organisations, corporations, and individuals to support their local community based on the social priorities approved through its CSR portal.


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