Abu Dhabi kids aspire to follow Hazzaa's footsteps

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Abu Dhabi - Malls in the city and Al Ain live-streamed the historic occasion as the Al Wahtba-born astronaut returned to earth.


Ashwani Kumar

Published: Thu 3 Oct 2019, 10:43 PM

Last updated: Sun 6 Oct 2019, 10:39 AM

Seven-year-old Salama Mohammed Mubarak bin Amro, dressed up as an astronaut, jumped in excitement as the face of Hazzaa AlMansoori, fresh from space mission, was flashed on the big screen of a cinema house in Abu Dhabi. "I too want to make the UAE proud like this. Hazzaa is my hero," Salama said from Cine Royal cinemas at Khalidiyah Mall Abu Dhabi.
Malls in the city and Al Ain live-streamed the historic occasion as Al Wahtba-born astronaut returned to earth after his eight-day space mission.
Shamma Alhammadi, Alya Alhammadi and Shaikha Almazrouie, students of Emirates National School, all beamed with pride. "We are all happy that he landed back safely.
This is a great achievement, especially because he did this for the late Sheikh Zayed. Hazzaa has realised his dream and made the whole country happy," the trio said. Shamma underlined that she wants to follow on Hazzaa's footsteps.
"We are taught about space in school. I want to learn more about it and be like him. All my friends look up to him. We all discussed a lot about this journey." Shamma felt that Hazzaa should have a longer stay in space next time to do more experiments.
"I hope he does more research works there. Then the achievement will be even bigger than this."
Expats rush to witness historic moment
It wasn't just Emiratis but expatriates were also excited about this glorious achievement. Enthusiasm was such that Pakistani expat Asra Ahsan dashed to cinema house after picking her four-year-old son Abdullah from Pearl Primary School near Al Wahda.
"Living here for eight years now, we just felt like somebody from our own country had gone to space. I, Abdullah and Ayrah, my daughter, are following daily updates like videos released by Hazzaa, pictures sent from space, his food, kandura he wore etc.
My children didn't want to miss this moment but Ayrah has extracurricular activities in school. So as soon as the school was over by 2pm, I and Abdullah ran here to see this live streaming," Asra said. Abdullah said Hazzaa is great inspiration.

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