104,984 orphans sponsored by Dar Al Ber Society

104,984 orphans sponsored by Dar Al Ber Society
Dar Al Ber Society has spent Dh366,976,568 on orphans since its inception 37 years ago

Dubai - Dh300 is the monthly sponsorship amount of a local orphan

Published: Tue 2 Aug 2016, 5:55 PM

Last updated: Tue 2 Aug 2016, 8:03 PM

Dar Al Ber Society (DABS) has sponsored 104,984 orphans locally and abroad since its inception 37 years ago.
The leading charity association, based in the emirate of Dubai, has spent Dh366,976,568 on the diverse activities and programmes that targeted registered orphans over almost four decades.
According to a top official, Dar Al Ber spares no effort in assisting this important segment of society as advised by Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), and in pursuance of the directions of the UAE's prudent leadership.
Abdullah bin Zayed, executive director of Dar Al Ber Society, said they have so far sponsored 2,696 local orphans and 102,288 others abroad.
"We spent Dh20,666,677 on local orphans as compared to Dh346,300,891 on those across the world."
Sponsoring this many orphans would not have been possible without the help of Almighty Allah, and 16,800 kind-hearted local and expatriate sponsors across the UAE, he added.
"The society is dedicated to providing its orphans with proper living conditions, as well as educational and health services, medical insurance and monthly allowances via e-cards in their names or guardians."
The monthly sponsorship of a local orphan stands at Dh300 against Dh150 abroad, Bin Zayed pointed out. "Dar Al Ber Society is also sponsoring 582 families, along with 49 special needs people - 10 in the country and 39 abroad."
The Dar Al Ber Society has also built and furnished a village for orphans worth Dh8 million, at the Beqaa area of Lebanon, and named it after the Shaikha Hind.
The society has also taken care of 292 students and paid Dh8,106,887 to them, Bin Zayed stated. "The sponsorship programme has further covered 467 national and foreign families who availed Dh3,439,278."                                                                                        
Bin Zayed said Dar Al Ber has also contributed Dh248,491 to 40 special needs people. "We have also spent Dh14,713,769 on 1,300 Quran teachers."
Up to Dh600 has been set as monthly maintenance for local handicapped people and Dh400 in other countries, he elaborated. "These are added to Dh350 for supporting a poor family outside the UAE."

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