10 reasons why you should work in Dubai

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A view of Shaikh Zayed Road in Dubai. Driven by infrastructure investments, the Dubai construction sector is poised to outperform the overall UAE market.
A view of Shaikh Zayed Road in Dubai. Driven by infrastructure investments, the Dubai construction sector is poised to outperform the overall UAE market.

Dubai - Dubai a global financial and trade hub offering tons of opportunities to those who dare to dream big.

By Curated by Nilanjana Gupta

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Published: Wed 11 May 2016, 6:42 PM

Last updated: Fri 7 Oct 2022, 12:30 PM

With some of the best business and employment opportunities, it's no surprise Dubai attracts expats from all corners of the world. If you're looking to work in a cosmopolitan city that is strategically located on the global map, look no further. Dubai not only offers world-class comfort and luxury, but also a tax-free salary so that you don't break your budget to achieve your dreams.

Job prospects, better salaries, just name it and you have it here. Ever wondered? Dubai may just be the place for you.

1. Great quality of living

UAE's Dubai and Abu Dhabi emirates offer the highest quality of living in the Middle East and Africa region, according to Mercer's 2016 Quality of Living Rankings.

This year, only two cities from the MENA region made it among the top 100, including Dubai, ranked at 75 (overall no.1 in the region, and Abu Dhabi, ranked at 81 (over no. 2 in the region). This is the fourth time in a row that Dubai has been ranked as the top Middle Eastern city for living.

The quality of life provided by the emirate comes with the perk of being tax-free. The place spoils you with its line of restaurants, supermarkets and modes of entertainment. Tourists from all over the world visit this city for its fantastic shopping experience during the Dubai Shopping festival. From the biggest brands to the gold and spice souks - Dubai has something for everyone -- be it pocket-friendly or luxurious.

2. Safety and security

For expats, safety in particular is a key factor to work abroad, according to Business consulting major Mercer.

Dubai is ranked #40 globally on the safety parameter and follows Muscat regionally.

It doesn't matter what time of the day you step out, you can freely walk on the streets of the emirate without the fear of being attacked or mugged. Crime-rate in the emirate is close to non-existent and the police is efficient and fast.

Businesses thrive in secure circumstances and Dubai provides an investor-friendly environment coupled with stringent business laws to accommodate foreign investors.

3. Ease of starting your own business

New markets, new consumers, the rise of Internet technology - Dubai is a land of booming opportunities.

A recent survey by HSBC revealed that Dubai is ranked second-best city in the world after Singapore for expats looking to start a business. The survey highlights that the UAE's entrepreneurial environment, job prospects and better salaries as primary factors attracting expats from across the world.

"Despite the volatility in the global economy and insecurity in job markets, the UAE's diverse business landscape and its position as a hub in the Middle East means that it continues to be an attractive destination for expats from across the world," the survey report said.

4. World class infrastructure

An ever growing network of roads, rail, ports and development projects -- Just blink and it's upgraded. In the run-up to the Expo 2020, the Dubai construction sector is poised to outperform the overall UAE market, although growth across the emirates is expected to remain healthy at 6.6 per cent despite low oil prices, market watchers said.

"While lower oil prices pose little threat to the UAE's construction industry outlook overall, we forecast real growth in 2016 of 6.6 per cent in real terms year on year," the report said.

According to another report by design and consultancy firm Arcadis, the UAE and Qatar remain the top most attractive markets for infrastructure investors globally.

5. Tax-free

What's the use of staying abroad, away from your family if you're not even able to save enough? Dubai provides the best tax-free investment opportunities to residents who want to live a comfortable and luxurious life. You do not need to pay wealth tax, corporate tax or income tax.

While investors get maximum profits on rented out property in Dubai, the benefit of having to pay no tax simply means that a person can save enough money to invest elsewhere.

6. Global exposure

With its diverse array of work and employees, Dubai no doubt gives you the biggest grounding in international business.

Its a global financial and trade hub offering tons of opportunities to those who dare to dream big. Its growing economy offers fruits in all sectors, leading to a constant influx of both investors and workers who wish to rake in the benefits. It is the city's very rise to the top of various global rankings that have made investment in key economic sectors like real estate, finance, services and hospitality a profitable venture for thousands of individuals.

7. Multi-cultural workforce

Dubai is a place where east meets west. Residents here represent over 180 different nationalities across the world. It is strategically located at the centre of the world business map which is easily accessible from different parts of Asia, the Middle East and even European countries. Dubai can also be a launch pad if you wish to immigrate to other countries, say Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and so on.

So it's only just the Arabic lifestyle that you can experience here, but you also get to interact and work with people from all corners of the world.

8. English is widely spoken

Unlike most of the other cities in the Midlle East, English is widely spoken and understood by most of the people who work and live in Dubai. There is no language barrier as such that can prove to be a major hindrance for expats. Knowing Arabic is definitely a plus, and it can land you better job opportunities. But that said, most of the local population speak and understand English, making it easier for expats from all over the world do business with the locals.

9. Tourist's delight

From the vast desert to the deep sea - and everything in between - Dubai is a heaven for tourists. The city's economy has seen a gradual shift from oil dependency towards tourism and hospitality.

A large number of tourists visit the emirate each year to marvel at the many world-class entertainment and recreational facilities that the city offers. Looking at this trend, many foreign investors are now investing heavily in the emirate's tourism industry in the hope of gaining good returns on their capital with time.

10. Expo 2020

Dubai's preparations for Expo 2020 are in full swing. It's expected to attract almost 30 million visitors in the six-month duration over which the event would be held. This is good news for businessmen looking for avenues to multiply their fortunes.

"Investment from countries and corporations in their Expo participation is often significant and it is critical that we provide an after-use plan for some of their assets where possible," said Shaikh Ahmed, who is also President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman of Emirates airline and Chief Executive of the Emirates Group.

Potential investors could profit from this trend by starting a business in the emirate now and see it grow into a profitable undertaking when the mega event draws near.


By Sandhya D'Mello

Name: Shradha Mohanty

Designation: Manager, Gifts & Novelties, Watermelon Communications

Nationality: Indian

"There is something in this city which made me embrace it and love it from day one. It's definitely home away from home for me and my family. I feel safe, secure and wanted here and in fact wait to come back after a few days of going back to India. I always have many anecdotes and stories to share about the city and how well it manages its systems and multi-cultural population. Hats off to Dubai for making us all feel so incredibly 'at home' always!"

Name: Rizwan Bajwa

Designation: Owner, Oakks Walk Resturant and Cafe

Nationality: Pakistani

"Dubai has the best quality of life and a really stronger economy. Job opportunities here are great and a tax free salary are some of perks of this country. You come across different nationalities learning about their language, culture and religion. Dubai is a perfect starting point to various destinations as it is so well situated which makes flying anywhere in the world easier than it is from most other regions. Dubai is a relatively for business, as has been illustrated in numerous international business surveys. Overall Dubai is a pretty safe place to live and raise children with one of the best education systems."

Name: Johnaliza Nazareno

Designation: Office: Manager, Stender & Partners Management Consulting

Nationality: Filipino

I am here in Dubai because of the job opportunities, favorable salary, tax free environment and the fact that Dubai or UAE in general is being considered as one of the safest countries in the world despite of being a home for millions of people from different origins, cultures and beliefs, UAE government maintains its peace and order. These characteristics are very difficult to find from other countries.

I have been living here for almost 7 years and have witnessed how UAE stand against the recession in 2008. I plan to stay longer, if GOD wills it too. I am thankful to this country.

Name: Priyantha Brito

Designation: Director, Business Development - Aviation Services Management

Nationality: Sri-Lankan

"Dubai is a place that is like a second home to so many different nationalities. I have been here for over 12 years and loved every bit of seeing how the city has progressed over the years. It is a perfect example of how a great vision can transform a city in just a few years and become a place that everyone wants to migrate to. Most of it also has to do with how authorities here ensure the safety of its residents. And I think that is a feature I love the most."

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