Abu Dhabi’s new safety campaign focuses on delivery riders

Companies have been asked to provide drivers with all the necessary safety equipment, which includes helmets and clothing suitable for motorcyclists


A Staff Reporter

Published: Wed 10 Nov 2021, 7:54 PM

Different government departments in Abu Dhabi are joining hands to launch a motorcycle safety awareness campaign for delivery riders.

The initiative by the Joint Committee for Traffic Safety is led by the Department of Municipalities and Transport, including the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police, the Department of Health (DoH) and the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC).

The campaign specifically targets delivery riders employed by restaurants, consumer goods stores, courier services and other similar businesses across different sectors. This comes in line with the ‘Vision Zero’ strategy launched earlier this year, which aims to eliminate road fatalities.

The drive urges motorcyclists and companies working in the delivery field to abide by all traffic and road safety rules and avoid any illegal behaviours that might endanger drivers and pedestrians, and reduce accidents.

“Speeding, non-compliance with road lanes, wrong overtaking, the failure to indicate with sidelights when overtaking and veering after lane changes are primary causes of motorcycle accidents,” the committee noted.

The committee called on companies to provide their drivers with all necessary safety equipment, which includes helmets and clothing suitable for motorcyclists.


“Front and tail lights and tires must all be functional, and reflective stickers must be placed. Drivers are encouraged to adhere to all preventive measures like avoiding driving in bad weather and not to park on pedestrian crossways and entrances and exits of homes and buildings in order to maintain the traffic flow.”

The committee said that the stakeholders in the public and private sectors, have to spread traffic safety culture among drivers.

“They play a key role in encouraging adherence to speed limits and all traffic safety requirements when on duty, to maintain the safety of them and road users. In order to enhance community awareness including that of both drivers and pedestrians towards traffic safety requirements and achieve its objectives, the committee will soon launch several awareness campaigns,” it added.

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