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Own an iPhone? You may get up to £750 from Google

iPhone, Google, case

The ruling overturns a previous court decision.

By Web Report

Published: Fri 4 Oct 2019, 2:46 PM

Last updated: Fri 4 Oct 2019, 5:02 PM

Google could have to pay 750 euro to each iPhone user after Court of Appeal gave approval for mass legal action over claims it collected data from 4.4 million users.  
Google will likely have to pay over four million iPhone users, 750 euro in compensation to each. According to Bloomberg, the case could be worth as much as 3.2 billion euro, reported Daily Mail.
Senior judges concluded on Wednesday that consumer champion and former Which director Richard Lloyd can bring legal proceedings on the US-based tech giant. The ruling overturns a previous court decision.
"Today's judgment sends a very clear message to Google and other large tech companies - you are not above the law. Google can be held to account in this country for misusing peoples' personal data," Lloyd said. He added, "Groups of consumers can together ask the courts for redress when firms profit unlawfully from 'repeated and widespread' violations of our data protection rights."
The litigation is being brought by campaign group Google You Owe Us, led by Lloyd, and hopes to win at least 1 billion euro in compensation for an estimated 4.4 million iPhone users in the UK. The claim alleges that Google bypassed privacy settings on Apple iPhone handsets between August 2011 and February 2012 and used data to divide people into categories for advertisers. 
Lloyd claimed 'browser generated information' collected by Google included racial or ethnic origin, physical and mental heath, political affiliations or opinions, sexuality and sexual interests and social class.
In his ruling, Judge Geoffrey Vos said: 'This case, quite properly if the allegations are proved, seeks to call Google to account for its allegedly wholesale and deliberate misuse of personal data without consent, undertaken with a view to a commercial profit'.

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