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On the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of Pakistan Independence Day prominent businessmen in the UAE share their wishes for their Motherland and fellow expats

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Published: Sun 14 Aug 2022, 12:00 AM

As we celebrate the Independence Day with great fervour, it is an honour to witness the growth of our nation on the world stage. Today Pakistan is not just acing in diplomatic areas, but in the areas of sports, innovation and business. Let us take a moment to honour the vision of our great leaders whose tireless efforts have paid off and make way for us to thrive. Pakistan Paindabad!

On our 76th Independence Day, I feel pride and jubilant to witness the growth our great nation has achieved over the years. I also salute the UAE-Pakistan bilateral relationship that are not only one of the biggest trading partners but also great allies with shared values and deep-rooted ties.

This is the Diamond Jubilee celebration for our nation and I want to congratulate our nation. But this time we are very badly in need of unity, faith and discipline. To adopt our Quaid’s teaching. And to forget all grievances, likes and dislikes. And to remember ‘Sab Sey Pehle Pakistan’.

It’s a pleasure to be in the UAE for the past 40 years to witness a great brotherly relationship between two great nations — the UAE and Pakistan. There is a potential for growth in business and various fields as both nations have highly motivated young generations. Let us all salute and bow to the great nation Pakistan, which has bestowed us with immeasurable gifts of people and nature. I would like to wish all my fellow Pakistanis a very Happy Independence Day.

Pakistan Association Dubai wishes the global Pakistani community a very happy Diamond Jubilee. Our country has grown by leaps and bounds in these 75 years and we are blessed to have our own identity. We should all strive hard towards a better and prosperous Pakistan.

My heartiest congratulations to my fellow countrymen on the occasion of 75th Anniversary of Pakistan Independence Day. Pakistan is a beacon of hope, development and success to the whole world. I am confident with our strength and wisdom, we will achieve greatness in the years to come. Pakistan Paindabad!

Heartiest congratulations to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and its citizens on the 75th Anniversary of Independence Day of the country. It is a day of dedication and pride for the people of Pakistan for being one of the bravest nations on Earth and I am proud to be a part of this beautiful nation. What a magnificent day for all the Pakistanis, the Independence Day is an amazing opportunity to remind ourselves how hard our freedom fighters fought, and shed their blood and tears to make our dreams a reality.

A very happy Independence Day to all my fellow countrymen. This day holds so much reverence and meaning for every Pakistani. It is a day to remember the vision and sacrifice of all those who helped us win our freedom. We owe it to them to keep the dream alive and pass it on to our children. Our homeland has done more than give us a spot on the map — it is our identity and our home. Wherever in the world we may be, we are all Pakistanis first.

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