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Dr Hussain receiving award from Government of India (Ministry of External Affairs)
Dr Hussain receiving award from Government of India (Ministry of External Affairs)

Dr K P Hussain speaks with pride on the action of frontline medical workers during these difficult times.

Published: Tue 26 Jan 2021, 12:01 PM

Covid-19 came unexpectedly, and it has given much big trouble to the entire world economically, as well as physi­cally making everybody think back of our traditional way of life.

Some of our younger generations have not seen life's difficulties of being in house confinement for many months. Every person has now realised the value of every day in this modernised world, which is an eye-opener to the difference between modernised life and real life. While we all hate this uncomfortable situation created by Cov­id-19, we have proved to the world at this vulner­able time that it is a phenomenal achievement of our great nation to timely prepare and distribute the vaccine to six neighbouring countries and progress to supporting 65 countries.

On this Republic Day, we must appreciate and greet the doctors, nurses, paramedics and all the people in the healthcare sector as they are the first warriors of Covid-19. They deserve a big salute from all of us.

While narrating the above message, I remem­ber our younger generation working hand in hand along with the experienced seniors during the research in developing the Covid-19 vaccine. Their ultimate goal and spirit, we have seen, is to create the vaccine for the benefit of mankind in the entire world. Thereby, we have once again proved what India can achieve scientifically to show its strength to the entire world.

Compared to the top five countries in terms of technological development and growth ladder, we Indians are now role model in many areas. Our leap of unity has not deviated during the Co­vid-19 pandemic situation. I salute those teams who energetically spent time working hard to bring India to the showcase of the world in terms of trade, industry, and service areas.

I also take the opportunity to thank our Prime Minister who comes forward time to time, ac­tively involving himself, for the betterment of our people, in difficult situations by physically ap­pearing and encouraging people to move forward jointly with the same spirit. I thank the honour­able Shri Narendra Modi for his excellent leadership.

It is also important to maintain India's cultural spirit and values, and I believe India's agriculture sector needs more attention and be promoted more. Being the majority of the population lies with a younger generation that advantage with our traditional Indian culture should be uplifted by the leaders and people of India.

Once again, I take this opportunity to wish all my Indian fellow members in the world a happy Republic day.

- Dr K P Hussain is Chairman and Managing Director, Fathima Healthcare Group

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