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Peace is not a closed club

Gabi AshkenaziMinister of Foreign AffairsState of Israel
Gabi AshkenaziMinister of Foreign AffairsState of Israel

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has championed many positive changes for the better future of the country and the Middle East region

By Rhonita Patnaik

Published: Thu 28 Jan 2021, 3:26 PM

The Abraham Accords between Israel, the UAE and Bahrain, signed in September 2020 in Washington, represent a profound shift in the Middle East paradigm and have created a new reality; a reality of dialogue and working together for the future designed by our mutual friends and allies in the United States who have worked to promote stability and prosperity in the Middle East, and for that we are grateful to them.

The Abraham Accords were the first step in a long journey, and we are continuously building collaborations between our peoples and our countries WFrom food security to regional security, from trade and innovation to the creation of a new Middle Eastern expanse of collaborations in diverse fields from culture to space.

The Accords have also created two different camps in the Middle East. The peace camp that has chosen a better future for the forthcoming generations on the one hand and the opposing camp of terror and conflict on the other. The line between the two camps is sharp and clear and is drawn between those who seek to build together a new reality of peace, progress and development and those who seek to sow hatred, violence and destruction.

The peace camp is led by bold leaders with a vision of building bridges of understanding and collaboration. It includes the doctors who will work together in the development of a new drug, scientists who will link arms on the road to another scientific breakthrough and engineers who will develop common technologies for yesterday>s problems. The terror camp will be comprised of yesterday's people, sowers of hate and enemies of peace.

Under my leadership, the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs worked together with its many partners to change tomorrow. To create the movement of people, of goods, of research and development in an expanse of peace.

Peace is not a closed club. It is my hope that more countries and leaders will see the benefits of the fruits of peace we are harvesting today and will board the peace train. The relationship developing between Israel and the UAE and between Israel and Bahrain can serve as a model of peacemaking out of mutual respect, respectful discourse, tolerance and groundbreaking progress in thought and action.

This is a historic opportunity for our people and for the entire region. I also call on the Palestinian leadership to return to the negotiating table for a direct and unconditional dialogue. This is the only way to reach a realistic and reasonable solution to the conflict between our people, for the future of our children. I am certain we can all benefit from this.

The Abraham Accords have created the infrastructure for the renewal of conditions for the advancement of negotiations, and this is also an opportunity for the states who are parties to the Accords to participate in civil-humanitarian projects for the Palestinian population.

The world today faces many challenges, from climate-related issues to dealing with poverty and terrorism, scarcity, economic insecurity and physical security. From health threats to threats of war and missiles.

The Coronavirus epidemic has shown us the importance of cooperation between countries and societies, between experts from all over the world and the results achieved by the global combining of hands that enable us to mutually solve common problems that threaten our existence.

Every day I receive news of progress on the dozens of agreements we are promoting between our countries and of new collaborations between Israel and the UAE: Investments in education for tolerance and ideas and joint developments in diverse fields that will lead to economic and social prosperity. Water ventures, agriculture, machinery and macro chips. Each of these projects is another bridge towards our hope of turning the Middle East from a region known for its many conflicts into a region that will serve as an example to the entire world.

I will end by wishing success to those endeavouring in the work of peace and cooperation and by wishing that more leaders will follow the path paved by the leaders of the UAE and expand the circle of countries joining the circle of peace.

And may a blessing come upon us all.


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