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Outstanding Achievers

With a prime focus on student progress and two new accreditations, the British curriculum school prepares students for competitive futures

Published: Thu 28 Apr 2022, 9:37 AM

Last updated: Thu 28 Apr 2022, 9:39 AM

The Aquila School recently received two very prestigious and important accreditations. First, the school was accredited by the ‘British Schools Overseas’ (BSO), with numerous school features rated ‘Outstanding’ and ‘Excellent’.

The BSO report for The Aquila School stated: “The school provides an impressive quality of education supported by an outstanding level of pupil care. The Aquila School provides a robust and highly effective British education that meets the needs of its pupils. The school’s curriculum is broad, balanced, and innovative: pupils are engaged in their learning and they enjoy school. As a result, they make good progress across all key stages becoming highly confident and successful learners.”

The Aquila School, located in Dubailand, has also been approved by Cambridge Assessment International Education to offer its world-leading Cambridge programme. The school will welcome its first year 10 cohort in September 2022. They will also be the first cohort to sit the International GCSE and GCSE examinations at Aquila School in 2024.

Wayne Howsen, Principal at The Aquila School, said: “There are so many wonderful aspects of the BSO report and the Cambridge Assessment Intentional Education feedback, to celebrate. Both these accreditations are a testament to our hardworking school team, our engaged and supportive families, and our happy and inquisitive pupils. We are proud of these recognitions and look forward to building upon the great reputation our school already has.”

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