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A boarding school education equips students with the skillset to shine and thrive in their careers

Sara Sparling - Director and Education Consultant - Anderson Education
Sara Sparling - Director and Education Consultant - Anderson Education

By Muhamma

Published: Thu 11 Nov 2021, 4:29 PM

Every parent wants to provide the best education possible for their children, so that they achieve their potential academically, personally and above all, are happy. A British boarding education provides all of this, plus lots of opportunities in sport, music, art and drama to develop well-rounded young adults prepared for the next step in life.

The UK Boarding School Exhibition is an excellent place to start your school journey and find out more about a boarding education and the many opportunities it provides. Many families living in the UAE consider boarding in the sixth form as a stepping stone to university, encouraging the independence and confidence required for university life. Please visit the exhibition and talk to our Education Consultants for free help and advice and listen to a pre-recorded presentation from the UK Study Group, providing tips and advice on UK university fee status.

The education of each and every child is one of the most important decisions we, as parents, make and it is important to spend time researching the options; with access to the internet, children are increasingly becoming more involved in the search for the most suitable school. As UK Boarding School Education Consultants, we recommend that families start their research 18 months to two years before entry, and arrange a personal visit to a short list of schools which will be geared towards the strengths and interests of your child, rather than a well-staged open day.

'You give your child one chance at education, make sure it is exceptional!'
"You give your child one chance at education, make sure it is exceptional!"

Although schools need to demonstrate value by achieving top results, they equally need to provide their students with life skills to cope with the pressures of the 21st century. Many schools are now offering a holistic approach to education with innovative ways of improving students’ wellbeing. Schools are adopting techniques such as peer mentors, meditation, yoga, mindfulness club and an extensive pastoral care programme. An outdoor education programme introduces pupils to risk management in a supportive school environment and enables them to demonstrate and adopt behaviours that will help them lead a productive and interesting life in which they are organised and flexible, willing to have a go and open to learning from their experiences. They develop skills in leadership, risk evaluation, perseverance, problem solving, self-confidence, teamworking, social and communication skills, organisation and decision-making.

The quality of a British education is recognised and respected worldwide; producing many of today’s leaders whether it is in politics, finance, sport or performing arts. More than two thirds of Britain’s Oscar winning actors and 61 per cent of rugby premiership players went to independent schools.

The quality of teaching in small class sizes produces top grades; the academically able are stretched and challenged; support is given to those that need it. 92 per cent of pupils in independent schools in the UK progress to higher education, including 56 per cent to Russell Group universities.

A boarding school education adds value by providing the opportunity to gain independence, confidence, courtesy, courage, kindness and compassion from living in a diverse and truly international environment. Life in a boarding school is excellent preparation for university and employment as it provides many of the non-academic skills that employers are looking for. Students leave school as independent young adults, with a practical skillset, a rich awareness of the world around them and a real sense of self-worth.

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Teachers are extremely supportive, yet they push you to accomplish your best

I have lived in Dubai for 14 years, and I attended the Dubai International Academy. My family and I visited the UK Boarding School Exhibition during the month of February, we then visited the school by April, and I was enrolled by August.

Although I have only been at Windermere School for a couple of months, I have really enjoyed the opportunities it has presented to me, whether through the different clubs like sailing, photography and Aikido, or through the weekend activities I get to do as a full boarder, including treetop walking, Saturday BBQs, bowling and visiting local towns.

I really appreciate how the school manages to have respect for both athletic activities but is also enthusiastic about the arts, seen through the many music shows and musicals the school hosts. Academically, I find that the teachers are extremely supportive, yet they push you to accomplish your best. In addition, I have also enjoyed most of the lessons and find them highly engaging. Coming from a huge city like Dubai, I find that I really enjoy being outdoors experiencing nature and being able to walk to classes whilst able to marvel at the amazing views of the lake from campus.

Marina, Boarder at Windermere School

Boarding has helped me become more independent and self-sufficient

Having lived 14 years in the Middle East and North Africa, I began to strongly consider returning to the UK for sixth form. I was specifically looking to do the IB programme because I had not yet formulated a proper idea of what I wanted to study for my further education and I felt that the IB offered a broader range of subjects which would help with what I wanted to do in the future.

The main aspect of this school that attracted me was its reputation for really pushing students to strive for excellence, a characteristic I felt was lacking in my Middle East schooling experience.

After living in Dubai, I was really looking forward to experiencing school life in my own country. I have had a very positive experience transitioning from the glamour of Dubai to boarding school life. Upon my arrival and meeting my new peers, whom I would be spending the next few years with, I was pleasantly surprised with just how small the world can be as I was able to instantly make connections. The boarding staff were incredibly welcoming and helped everyone. As most of the boarders arriving for sixth form are new to the school, it made settling in easier in because everyone was in the same situation of settling into their new school life.

One common misconception of boarding school I had was that it would be difficult to get used to living independently without my family and at the same time managing to crack on with the immense workload that comes with sixth form. In fact, I was surprised by how easily I was able to focus on my schooling without having to worry about getting used to boarding life.

One of my favourite parts about boarding is the sport, particularly playing football after school. Being an avid sportsman, I was definitely not disappointed by the level of sport in the UK. I feel sport to be a great way to socialise and to get to know people better. Also, boarding school has introduced me to rugby, I really enjoyed the experience of learning the various skills and tactics of rugby.

I would definitely say boarding has helped me become much more independent and self-sufficient. It has also taught me a lot about myself, which I feel is a very important preparation for when you become fully independent at university. I would definitely recommend the boarding experience.

Ben - a former boarder at Hockerill Anglo-European College

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