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With an exponential increase in demand of Citizenship & Residency by Investment by 64 per cent, Bluemina launched its first virtual office in the industry

Published: Wed 25 Aug 2021, 12:00 AM

Bashar Daoud , Managing Partner, Bluemina Citizenship & Residency

Bluemina is the industry leader in citizenship and residency by investment. As the world faced a pandemic in 2020, the region witnessed a 64 per cent increase in the number of enquiries for citizenship and residency by investment. More than ever, individuals, families, and investors began to search for stability, safety, access to high quality education and healthcare, as well as visa-free travel and better business opportunities. Known for its innovation and adaptability, Bluemina met the rise in demand by launching the first Virtual Office in the industry.

Established 25 years ago, with nine branches, and a 100 per cent success rate, Bluemina is proud to have made over 11,000 individuals’ dreams come true by offering them a second citizenship or a residency status abroad. Bluemina, a government approved and licensed firm has catered programmes for over 15 countries such as the USA, Portugal, Malta and several Commonwealth Caribbean countries which have witnessed an increase in demand especially in Dubai due to their well-established programmes and unlimited benefits.

As the market leader, Bluemina realised that as the demand for dual citizenships grew and people shifted to online solutions, becoming more accessible was crucial. This led to the launch of the first Virtual Office in the industry, allowing investors to apply from the comfort of their own home. Individuals can follow through the virtual experience and immediately be in touch with an expert advisor through a video call and even submit their citizenship or residency application online. It's that simple!

With the rise of enquiries for citizenship and residency by investment, Bluemina made sure to adapt to the growing demands of the online world, by providing custom tailored solutions, expanding government relationships, and developing the first Virtual Office in its industry. Acquiring a dual citizenship is no longer a luxury product, it is a necessity and Bluemina ensures that the necessity becomes a reality. Its highly qualified team of legal advisors and consultants work together as one team in over nine physical offices, one of which is in Dubai and virtually across the world to ensure the best service is provided.

What are the benefits of a second citizenship by investment?

A second passport allows its holders many benefits, namely to securely open a bank account abroad, register businesses across borders, travel freely to over 160 countries, including Schengen and UK, and secure their families with a citizenship that is passed on to generations.

Do you see an increasing trend in global citizenship industry? Can you elaborate?

Yes, from the beginning of time, individuals are seeking to become Global citizens. This demand never ceases; the difference is that nowadays individuals realise that they don’t need to immigrate or move to another country in order to become a global citizen. Acquiring a second citizenship is the solution to becoming a global citizen, and its great benefits are never ending.

Has Covid-19 impacted Bluemina’s business in any way?

Although 2020 was a difficult year for many companies worldwide, it was an innovative year for Bluemina, and we’re grateful to have built such strong and close-knit relationships within the company and with external governments. Covid- 19 made us realize how important the online world is, hence we launched a virtual office which enabled us to reach individuals and investors around the world with a click of a button.

How does Bluemina stand out in the market and amongst the competition?

We are a trendsetting firm in the arena of Citizenship & Residency by investment solutions. Innovation and adaptability have always been one of the most important aspects of our strategy, which led us to launch the first service of its kind in our industry, Bluemina's Virtual Office.


Zaid Issa

“My experience at Bluemina was exceptional. My family and I were very delighted and impressed with the way Bluemina handled our application in an honest, professional and swift manner. I trust Bluemina for knowing exactly which programme fits best for me and my family. I recommend Bluemina wholeheartedly.”

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